The Trolls are Loose

As November 3rd nears, I’ve found my Facebook feed inundated with friend requests from men who apparently just now have realized how overwhelmingly attractive I am. I’m tempted to believe the bullsh*t and might have to let Angelina Jolie know that her days as a Hollywood sex symbol are numbered.

As tempting as it is to respond to these trolls with some snarky comment I simply scroll on by hoping that they won’t become despondent over my lack of interest. A male friend of mine said he’s been getting a record number of friend requests from women, so maybe my friends are as delightful and attractive as I am. Birds of a feather, you know.

Seriously folks, don’t respond to these trolls.

“A beautiful what?” I wanted to ask.

Peace, people!

Prince Credentials

In real life,
princes are the ones
who hold your hand
when you’re sick,
and help potty train
the kids.
Real princes don’t
feed you fairy
tales or promise
butterflies and

Chances are your
prince is already there,
right in front of you,