To sleep, perchance to dream…

I often dream of houses
that seemingly have room
after room with no hallways.

In these rooms I wander
finding unexpected treasures,
antiques, and curiosities in each.

Someone once told me that
when we dream about houses
we are dreaming about our lives.

In that case, my life is
filled with wonderful oddities
and treasures all hiding in plain sight.

Written in response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt.

WordPress Forum

Since I am not sure how to directly contact someone at WordPress (do they hide that information on purpose?) I thought I’d try to post something on the forum, but I’m not even sure if I’m doing that correctly.

First, I want to thank WP for providing me a forum and an outlet. Also, my articles are now sharing correctly on Facebook. For awhile there, every post was being treated as a photo in spite of my settings.

On the other hand, I believe the stats have been incorrect for several weeks. As an example I posted a piece earlier today (5-18-15) and have had at least eight notifications that this post has been “liked” but only two views appear in my stats. 

I understand that some folks might just click “like” without having read the post, but several of these people don’t follow me. I’d have to think they’ve actually visited my blog and read the post in order to “like” it.

This phenomenon isn’t limited to today’s post, but it’s the first day I’ve kept track of the number of notifications.

I know my blog is small potatoes, but they’re my potatoes and I’d like them properly counted.


Leslie Noyes 

In response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: If you could have a guarantee that one specific person was reading your blog who would it be? What would you say to them?

I’m awfully good at flippant remarks, and so very many rushed to mind when I first read this prompt. For once instead of just blurting out a quick answer, I took a deep breath and thought. And thought. Then I thought some more. I thought so long that several daily prompts came and went, and I was still thinking.

Finally I decided.


I miss you. I think you would have enjoyed my blog. Heck, you’d have had one yourself. You’d have never thought your writing was good enough, but you’d have continued writing just the same. I get that from you. 

I hope you can read between the lines of my posts and see just how much I still love you and how much of you lives on in me.

With love,


Speaking of Festivals

Recently I wrote about attending the annual Mayhaw Festival in Monticello, Florida, and my general love of quaint all-American festivals. KH, the older of my two younger brothers did some research for me and discovered not one, not two, but five festivals celebrating (ta-da!) testicles!

What do you think? Which one provides the greatest opportunity for me to be named Ms. Testicle? My personal favorite is the one where you can “Come have a ball with Jesus!” Read on:

The following material can be found on; Author NEAL STASTNY (@NEALSTAS) IS A COMEDIAN AND WRITER IN NEW YORK.

1. Testy Festy

Testy Festy, held every year in Clinton, Montana, features wet T-shirt contests, the Undie 500 (men and women race tricycles in their underwear) and even a big ball contest for guys who aren’t scared to drop trou…and aren’t scared of that deep-fryer.

2. Olean Testicle Festival

What began as a small gathering of family and friends in Olean, Missouri, now provides thousands of people with their testicle fix. The event features live music and a “motorcycle burn-out contest.” There’s no better way to spend an afternoon than by hanging with bikers and eating testicles.

3. Texas Testicle Festival

If the other two festivals too secular for you, then try the Texas Testicle Festival, where the motto is “Come Have a Ball With Jesus.” The event, started by real-life cowboys, features a ball-eating contest, gospel music, a roping contest and a church service. It’s hard to get more American than cowboys, religion and fried food.

4. Tiro Testicle Festival

This festival, held every year in Tiro, Ohio‘s Tiro Tavern, is a little smaller than the others, so it’s perfect for someone who wants to celebrate testicles but avoid the crowd.

5. Oakdale Testicle Festival

To separate itself from the other testicle festivals, this one in Oakdale, California (“Cowboy Capital of the Word”), lets festival-goers select the slogan. This year’s was “30 Years And Still Hangin!” Is your testicle pun good enough for 2014?


Peace, people!

It’s My Party

In response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: You’re throwing a party–for you! Tell us all about the food, drinks, events, and party favors you’ll have for your event of a lifetime. Use any theme you’d like. It’s your party.

I’m awkward at parties, even my own. I can’t imagine that my imaginary party would be any different.

“Hi, come on in!”

“How do you like the disco ball?”

“Are you going to eat your tots?”

“Yes, those are mothballs you’re smelling. Why do you ask?”

“Goulash for everyone!”

“Who’s up for a rousing round of piñata poking?”

“Every guest receives a free kitten and a box of condoms.”

Prepositional Journey

Drove to the beach

Picnicked on the pier

Waded in the waves

Sipped at a beer

Napped beneath the sun

Strolled upon the sand

Searched for seashells

Listened to a band

Gathered up the towels

Rinsed off my toes

Drove into town

Rubbed lotion on my nose.

Long Row

I just love this and thought my friends might, too. Check out for even more great posts.


A friend of mine will soon move to a new house and has been consumed with the process of packing for quite some time. He lamented the fact that no matter how much he gets done he continues to see piles and stacks and shelves full of things yet to be boxed. Adding to the stress, he’s nearing the semester’s end of coursework towards a Master’s degree. This combination has him overwhelmed. He complained a bit more about the work left to do.

“I’ll never finish.” he moaned after his update.

“Well.” I said. “It’s like that row of tomatoes.”

He didn’t get it.

With no idea what I meant he stared into the distance preoccupied by stress. Then, remembering similar comments of mine in the past his head whirled back towards me. “Wait, is that another Nannie thing?” he asked.

“It’s another Nannie thing.” I nodded confirmation and began…

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