I’ve never used the word “calumny.” To be honest I wasn’t sure what it meant. Thank goodness for Google!

I’m trying now to craft a poem around this word “calumny” that popped into my mind apropos of nothing. Words do that to me sometimes.


Calumny, she said to me, ended my career. I’d arisen from nothing, no pedigree, no expertise,

With tears in my eyes I begged her to explain her downfall. Did calumny cause you

Pain? I asked. Was it akin to a canker sore or a bunion? She laughed ruefully. No, it was much worse.

You see I’d trusted someone and they smeared my name. Made me the fool of their wicked game.

And just like that, my reputation was beyond repair. I didn’t laugh, but still perplexed. Calumny 

Isn’t a physical malady? It sounds like a blow to the gut. Again, she smiled. Close, but no cigar.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

9 thoughts on “Calumny”

  1. Calumny… does not roll off the tongue. Yikes I’ve got it and your going to be rich. Start a Trump word a day calendar for 2018. When the royalties start rolling in will you finance a trip to Florida for me?

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