5 thoughts on “A Meaningful Discussion of Health Insurance and Drug Prices in the United States of America”

  1. Australia is by no means perfect, but I thank my lucky stars that we are all entitled to health care and have a safety net as far as prescription drugs are concerned. This means that people with chronic diseases don’t have to sell the family home to pay for their medication.

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    1. My youngest granddaughter has the flu. When she first became ill my daughter took her to the doctor to see if she could get a prescription for tamiflu–a drug that shortens the duration and lessens the symptoms. The prescription cost was $600, so they opted just to let the flu run its course.
      I’ve got a couple of new prescriptions. With my insurance one cost me $118 for a 30 day supply. The other is $487 for 30 days. That’s with my insurance paying the remainder. It’s crazy.


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