Birthday Debriefing

As my faithful followers know, yesterday I celebrated my 61st birthday. It was a good day, but it got off to a rocky start. Rather than go into the painful details, I’ll just give you the bullet points.

  1. Due to the possibility of a hurricane hitting our area we cancelled plans for a weekend visit to Amelia Island.
  2. We’ll still have to pay for half the price of the room we cancelled because the hurricane didn’t enter into the picture until past the cancellation deadline. Thanks Grrrr.
  3. My favorite convenience store was out of diet Dr. Pepper, so I had to do without my must have caffeinated beverage. To coffee drinkers, that would be like starting your day without coffee.
  4. Whole Foods couldn’t make me an iced chai latte because their chai delivery was late.
  5. The damned hurricane changed direction. I don’t want it to impact anyone, but since we cancelled our reservation and still have to pay for one night, how dare it not hit here?
  6. I had lunch at a table by myself while watching various groups of women engaged in pleasant social discourse. Dammit! It was my birthday.
  7. All became right with the world when I enjoyed a spa treatment at Aveda.
  8. Studly Doright lost his golf match, but played well.
  9. I received tons of birthday greetings.
  10. I don’t know how to make the bullets stop.
  11. Please help.
  12. Guess I’ll just say, Thank You for Reading. If you made it this far, you might need to get a life.
  13. Peace, people.

The big kid is me way back in the day. The cute kiddo is my adorable cousin on her first birthday. The man is my beloved Grandaddy.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

38 thoughts on “Birthday Debriefing”

  1. Wow, belated birthday greetings and wishes to you!!! The birthday luck didn’t seem to be on your side this year, but I will say I enjoyed reading your bullet list. Such a shame about the island and cancelled booking. The photograph is simply beautiful. Both you and your cousin make for a pair of adorable children.

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      1. Well, I am sure you didn’t feel that way at the time. 🙂 It’s not nice when things don’t go smoothly, and to be able to have a moan about it is very therapeutic! 😀 I’m so glad it was a great day!

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  2. But on a lighter note we had a giggle or two on your blog yesterday. A giggle while you were in your home and I was in mine, mine being the Uk. Means we had international fun how many people can say that on their birthday? Answers on a post card cos I hate Technology and the pen is my go to instrument when I am seriously wishing life were simpler like way back when.

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  3. Well, yes, I suppose you can count me as one of those who needs a life. 😀 I am so glad that even with a rocky start, you still had an awesome birthday and besides al that, that label!

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  4. I can see why you were disappointed about Amelia Island. Haven’t been in years, but loved it. Never a great feeling to pay for something you can’t use. Anyway, sounds like you had a great day. Belated birthday wishes.


    1. Thank you! This was to have been our first visit to Amelia Island! I was so bummed, but we are going to try again this weekend. Any suggestions for things to do?


      1. It’s a great place to ride bikes with lots of dedicated trails. We’re also tennis players and the courts are beautiful and plentiful. We actually played on center court with stands all around, figuring it would be the only time we’d ever do that. Beautiful beaches for strolling and of course, golf courses.

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      1. I have several döpplegangers here in the Tallahassee area. People are always coming up and talking to me like they know me. I guess god kept the mold after he made me!

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      2. Haha, this girl doesn’t look like any in the family. She has my daughter’s lips that’s it. May be you have different photographs, but this one is just like our Addie.
        Isn’t it awkward when people do like that? You feel like you have amnesia – may be it is you not them 🙂 Happened to me once, stuck in my head for years. That woman was so delighted to see me…

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      3. One woman sat down across from me in a cafe. Just started saying how much she’d missed me and how great I looked. I almost hated telling her the truth! She ended up visiting with me for quite awhile after we shared a laugh over her mistake.

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      4. Haha, I can imagine the scene. She probably called you the wrong name. It is a good clue 🙂 The woman who had missed me never called me by name. She just mentioned strangers and expressed her delight. Thankfully, my train arrived after a minute.

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