Food Photography – Pulled Chicken Sliders

I’m going to do this!

Julie Powell - Photographer & Graphic Artist

Back with another recipe with the help of my slow cooker, this time slow cooked pulled BBQ Chicken. The Pulled Chicken was actually cooked the night before and served with rice. I suppose you could easily make it pork, for tradition pulled pork. So you could use this as a main meal or something yummy for left-overs.


  • 2 chicken breasts fillets
  • 1 bottle Brown Sugar Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Cooking Time: 4.5 hours

As there is really no prep, put a little BBQ Sauce on the bottom of the Slow Cooker and place in the trimmed chicken fillets, cover with the remaining sauce, I also put a little water in the sauce bottle to partially rinse and then add that to the cooker as well.

Cook on Slow for 4.5 hours and then remove chicken and shred it (not too difficult, as the chicken is falling apart), place the chicken…

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Food Photography – Rustic Bruschetta

Here’s a treat from my friend Julie Powell.

Julie Powell - Photographer & Graphic Artist

Last week I had a few days of total bliss; no work, just pottering around doing what I want, I slept in, tidied up in the studio, played around with Still Life, got a haircut. One particular day I decided as it was just me home for lunch, I would buy some fresh crusty bread and make bruschetta and then, I thought I would photograph it all. That took longer than making it and eating it, but such fun. All shot in natural light, in the kitchen!


So let’s talk about this tasty recipe, it’s quick and easy and you can do it in about 15 minutes from start to finish (assuming you are not trying to photograph it all). With flavors bursting from the baby spinach, the sweet cherry tomatoes and the yummy, gooey melted cheese – all come together with the crusty fresh baguette and gives you a yummy snack…

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A Child’s Love

This story made my eyes water for some reason. Maybe I’m allergic to dogs.

The happy Quitter!

Image result for aspca animals

In April 2017, the Ohio SPCA rescued 200 animals which included 30 Pugs. Hundreds of people applied to adopt these dogs. With so many wonderful people applying, it has not been an easy task to select the families. 

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I Am A Nonperson … So Are You … Just Ask Eric Trump

No honor in the trump clan. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Great post by Jill Dennis

Filosofa's Word

You can pretty much gauge what type of a news day it is by the number of paper towels used in my household.  Here’s the scenario:  I see a news story that makes me angry, and I curse whichever Trump caused my anger, usually Donald himself.  If it makes me really angry, I stick out my tongue and do a raspberry … ppppbbbbbttttthhhh.  (Yes, I know … very mature …) I then go get a paper towel to clean the droplets off my screen.  And so goes the day.  At the end of the night, as I am preparing for bed, I check the paper towels.  If there is still ½ roll or more on the dowel, I figure it was a pretty peaceful news day.

Tonight there is only one lonely paper towel left on the roll.  And here is part of the reason:

Eric Trump.  Eric came flitting…

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Comeragh Mountains

I still can’t believe I’m going to Ireland in June. Granted, I’ll probably not get near any of these sites, but a girl can dream.

Making memories


Today we will do a bit of hill walking as most of us have consumed those extra calories between the Christmas and New Year day 😉 Comeragh Mountains is a good place to start since you have already seen them from the top of beautiful Slievenamon. Here she is, my favorite mountain, as seen from the ascent to the Long Hill of the Comeraghs. First of all we will find the source of peculiar clouds that look so nice in the photographs, so let’s walk towards Slievenamon and have a closer look.

slievenamonBulmers! Or Magners, as the product is called outside of Ireland. Famous Irish Cider brewery is situated right next to Slievenamon. It also produces clouds 😦 Just look at the next image.


It is not always that bad though, but some days are worse than the others.


Dramatic clouds enhance your photographs, but is this steam emission harmless? I don’t know.



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Meet Rocky

Melted my heart.

Chris Martin Writes

This post is going to be unlike any I’ve ever written. I’m very passionate about spreading the love of Christ to everyone, whether through personal interactions or with my writing. That’s usually the main focus of all my blog posts. Today, I want to do something completely different.

I want you to meet Rocky.

Three weeks ago, my wife and I walked into the Rabun Paws 4 Life no-kill animal shelter in search of a new family dog. (You can donate to this shelter HERE) It always breaks my heart to walk into these shelters and not leave with every single animal in tow. I’ve never been a huge animal lover, but I don’t like to see anyone suffering or without hope. Human or animal.

They led us into the room with smaller dogs, and instantly, they all started competing for our attention. All except for one sad looking…

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