Comeragh Mountains

I still can’t believe I’m going to Ireland in June. Granted, I’ll probably not get near any of these sites, but a girl can dream.

Making memories


Today we will do a bit of hill walking as most of us have consumed those extra calories between the Christmas and New Year day 😉 Comeragh Mountains is a good place to start since you have already seen them from the top of beautiful Slievenamon. Here she is, my favorite mountain, as seen from the ascent to the Long Hill of the Comeraghs. First of all we will find the source of peculiar clouds that look so nice in the photographs, so let’s walk towards Slievenamon and have a closer look.

slievenamonBulmers! Or Magners, as the product is called outside of Ireland. Famous Irish Cider brewery is situated right next to Slievenamon. It also produces clouds 😦 Just look at the next image.


It is not always that bad though, but some days are worse than the others.


Dramatic clouds enhance your photographs, but is this steam emission harmless? I don’t know.



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46 thoughts on “Comeragh Mountains”

    1. I believe we are going to be around Shannon for much of the trip. I would dearly love to explore, but since I’m part of a group I don’t think that’ll happen much. When we were in Scotland we traveled quite a bit, but this time were only going to stay in two different hotels. It’ll be easier, but less adventuring.

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      1. Yes. Flying in and out of Shannon. Originally we were to have flown into Dublin and the golfers would play their way around the southern coast, but someone complained about having to change hotels so often. So now it’s courses in and around Shannon.

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      2. Which is around Limerick. Nothing to see in Limerick, but there is a very interesting place Bunratty Castle near Shannon, and also Lehinch town and beach, and Cliffs of Moher and The Burren. These are close to Shannon and easy to reach.

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      3. I don’t know. They swam in those thermal swimsuits 🙂 But I see people in thermal suits in summer too. Everything depends on the weather. I will know more in summer and let you know.

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      1. Scotland was at the top of my list, so I can check it off. I never even knew I wanted to go to Guatemala, yet it was an amazing experience. I’ve been to Jamaica–not the resorts, but to Mandeville where my sister-in-law lived. Ireland is on my list, so barring any unforeseen events I’ll get to experience it. But my new number one, cross my fingers destination is Australia.

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      2. Yep, my last comment copy and pasted here too. (I’m too clumsy with keyboard technique to speedily copy and paste it, so I hope you don’t mind if I co-opt your imagination to do the copying and pasting for me.)

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