Jury Duty Today

I received the jury summons several weeks ago. To my credit, upon reading the summons I didn’t stomp my feet or throw myself on the floor in a tantrum; although, I did grab my calendar to see if I was scheduled for anything that might be used to excuse me from serving. Not a flipping thing. Sigh.

So off I go this morning to do my civic duty in Gadsden County, Florida. Last time I served I ended up as the foreman on a hit and run case in Champaign, Illinois. I’m hoping to blend more quietly into the background this time; although, I did keep the panel from getting bogged down in the swamp of “what ifs.”

And I’m pretty sure I did a better job of delivering the jury’s decision than Yoda:

Peace, people!

Great Philosophers of the Cat World

“I nap; therefore, I am.”–DesCats

“Vini, Vidi, Dormivit”–Felinius Caesar

“I regret that I have but nine lives to enjoy my leisure.”–Meowthaniel Hale

“Give me treats or give me naps. Either way I win.”–Patches Henry

“All the world’s a ball of twine, and all the men and women our minions.”–Willmeow Shakestail

“Cats just want to have fun.”–Kitty Clawper

“The catnip stops here.”–Hairy S Truemeown

“Chase after butterfly; leave alone bee.”–Mewhammad Alley Cat

“Try not. Purr or purr not, there is no try.”–Furrda

“Catnip. Why’d it have to be catnip?”–Calico Jones