What About Pickled Okra?

When I published my post about southern foods a couple of days ago, I was quick to add fried okra to the list.


My daughter then reminded me of pickled okra, and my mouth began to water. Okra, when pickled properly presents the palate with a profusion of exquisite flavors. I’m no pickler, but I sure appreciate the artistry of a good one.

Is pickled okra something you’ve tasted? Is it primarily a Southern dish? Are there pickled foods, other than cucumbers, that you eat?

Speaking of which, I was a young adult before I realized the connection between cucumbers and pickles. In fact, I might’ve argued to the contrary, maintaining that pickles were their own category of vegetable. It wasn’t my proudest moment.

Here’s an article about pickles and how to pickle just about anything other than yesterday’s socks.


Now, I need to go shopping. My mouth is still watering.

Peace, people!

Snapshot #257

After writing yesterday’s post about southern foods, including fried okra, I took myself to lunch at Sweet Pea Café in Tallahassee. Look what was featured as their special! So yummy!

I call this one, “The Universe Responds, Y’all.”

Everything at Sweet Pea is wonderfully fresh and always vegan.

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