Pesky Words

We have a president who insists on taking us back to a day without science, and perhaps into a future of oppression. Here is a list of words his administration has banned the Centers for Disease Control from using in future budget proposals:

Similarly, our Florida governor, Rick Scott, has forbidden the use of the term “climate change” among members of our state government, as if banning words could make the reality behind them go away.

So, let’s also ban these words:








There. That should do it. Pesky words.

Seriously, who bans words? Oh, we all know the answer to that. I’m sure North Korea has a long list of words that are illegal to use. Trump’s friend, Putin most likely has a tablet filled with words his people aren’t allowed to utter in public.

Can we panic now? Or will panic be banned, as well?

Peace, people. Please don’t ban peace.

The Meaning Of Life And Stuff Like That

ponder for a moment
the intricacies of being:

trillions of cells,
beautifully fragile
tragically expendable

i am,
you are,
we exist
as miracles

the meaning of life
is that we are,
but that we won’t

always be.

I found this incredible short clip about cells. I hope with all my heart that it will play. Let me know if it does not.


you were not included
in my grandparents
outdated Encyclopedia
Britannica and I
left you off my
solar system mobile.
my teacher deducted
twenty points and
embarrassed me in
front of the class.
see, karma does rule
our universe.
i want those twenty
points back now.
an apology would
be nice, too.


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