Love Story

We discussed love songs several days ago, but what about love stories? Are you a fan of traditional love stories? Or do you lean towards less conventional fare?

I once told someone that Terminator was one of my favorite love stories, and they laughed. Kind of hurt my feelings. The saga of Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese finding love while saving the universe ignited my imagination, and made me a fan of a series that otherwise might’ve passed me by.

Of course I’ve enjoyed a few more conventional love stories, such as An Affair to Remember,

And Sleepless in Seattle,

but there’s something especially poignant about love that arises in the midst of a seemingly hopeless situation because my other top love story is that of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa. When Han, on the verge of being encased in carbonite during The Empire Strikes Back, uttered those two little words, “I know,” in response to Leia’s profession of love, I melted.

That kiss was something special.

So maybe I am most fond of love stories wrapped inside a sci-fi movie, and not movies in which love is the main theme. How about you?

Peace and love, people!

Today’s Activities Thus Far


Yogurt with bananas and honey for breakfast

Brush teeth

Commiserate over Studly Doright’s lack of sleep

Law and Order mini-marathon

Load dishwasher

Organize Studly’s pharmaceuticals

Remember that I forgot to get dressed, apply immediate remedy in the form of denim capris and white T-shirt

Scowl at reflection in mirror

Apply makeup

Smile at reflection in mirror

Locate favorite flip flops and place them on feet

Compile a list of items to buy at CVS

Locate purse and phone

Remember that I didn’t write a blog post for today

Take a few minutes to write something to assuage my conscience

Frown at the results

Find a picture to distract from the lackluster post

Realize that wasn’t the one you wanted

Stick with that one

Peace, people


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