Back to Back

Invertebrates have no idea just how fortune smiled upon their meager lives

by denying them the gift of a spine. No backbone means no bulging discs, or

shooting pains from hip to shin. On most days I’m proud to count thirty-three

vertebrae from stem to stern, to be among the higher order of God’s creative will,

but today I’d gladly trade places with a spineless critter, preferably a

butterfly instead of a spider or mollusk. Certainly not a sponge.


In Case You Forget


Yellow winged fairy
perched gently on buttercups
delicate beauty.

Loveliness knows not
the emotions it evokes
like butterfly wings.

We watched a swallowtail yesterday evening. It was engaged in a frolic we could not understand, flirting with drops of water remaining after a thunderstorm.
The darned thing was lovely in every sense of the word–brilliantly yellow, graced with wispy wings edged in black, graceful in flight–yet completely oblivious to our admiration, and unaware of its own beauty.
Don’t forget, we are all beautiful. You are beautiful.

Peace, people!