Love Story

We discussed love songs several days ago, but what about love stories? Are you a fan of traditional love stories? Or do you lean towards less conventional fare?

I once told someone that Terminator was one of my favorite love stories, and they laughed. Kind of hurt my feelings. The saga of Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese finding love while saving the universe ignited my imagination, and made me a fan of a series that otherwise might’ve passed me by.

Of course I’ve enjoyed a few more conventional love stories, such as An Affair to Remember,

And Sleepless in Seattle,

but there’s something especially poignant about love that arises in the midst of a seemingly hopeless situation because my other top love story is that of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa. When Han, on the verge of being encased in carbonite during The Empire Strikes Back, uttered those two little words, “I know,” in response to Leia’s profession of love, I melted.

That kiss was something special.

So maybe I am most fond of love stories wrapped inside a sci-fi movie, and not movies in which love is the main theme. How about you?

Peace and love, people!

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29 thoughts on “Love Story”

  1. You know Leslie, I seriously could not agree more. Terminator at its heart is a love story. Sarah does not just want to save the planet for the good of mankind. She wants to save her son. he is what she has left of Kyle. I once said to someone that what drew me to watch Peaky blinders initially was not everything it was said to be about but that at its heart it is a love story. They thought i was nutz. I have never been a conventional love story fan and i won’t writ it either xxxxxxx

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      1. Now we were watching Hostiles tonight with Christian Bale and you can forget the journey for hundreds of miles, the learning to work together, the overcoming the hatred of white man and Native Americans…at its absolute heart it is a love story. Even the Mr agreed for once.

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      2. Well like that we had trawled and trawled through Netflix and we decided eventually let’s give it five since it has actors we’ve heard of—not that is often anything to go by–Anyway, it was interesting, set at the time when control had been lost by the Native Americans except for some renegade groups and there’s an understandable deal of bad feeling on both sides. Also a gradual understanding of both sides. The basic premise was interesting and conflicted enough to keep us watching. I also like these small group journey through hundreds of miles of difficult things kind of films, but as it went on for me it became clear that at its root this was about two people finding each other. I guess that is my kind of film. I don’t do schmaltz or goo. xx

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      3. I’ll have to watch that one. I’m not on schmaltz or goo either. I dislike films that set out to make me cry. That doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed a good cry at the movies, but some shows seem to have that as their main goal (anything by Nicholas Sparks, IMO).

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      4. yeah. I cannae abide tear jerkers. If you end up shedding a tear that is different, as you say. I just liked the fact that underneath in this film there was another whole world and you could see early on that the lead wasn’t really anything like the way he’d behaved in the first few scenes. And I like that in a story or a film. Cos then I thought oooohhhh. I think this is gonna be a love story. And I told the Mr after about what you thought re Terminator as we were talking about that fact and he agreed. Terminator is a love stoty.

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  2. I adored the original Terminator love story too! To me a love story is a love story whether it’s wrapped in science fiction or Jane Austen. In fact, one of things I love about Thor, Superman or Wonder Woman is the under lying love story. It tugs on my heart every time. I can watch Or read a great love story over and over again. It just works. And science fiction only adds to the intrigue. I’m with you! It can be Romeo and Juliet even if Romeo is a vampire or a zombie. The premise still works. I’m a huge Shakespeare and Austen fan. Yet Science Fiction is totally my thing. Why? Because most great paranormal stories also have a fabulous underlying love story that goes along with it. Call me crazy but love in outer space , in the future, with an alien, or a creature, is still awesome. Love is love is love. ❤️Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

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  3. I agree that The Terminator had the best love story- I tear up every time at the end of the movie when Sarah tells her son in a recording than in a few short hours that she & Kyle loved a lifetime.

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