One of the upsides to the social media site, Facebook, is the way it reminds of us photos and events we might have otherwise forgotten. This morning the following photo popped up in my Facebook memories:

That’s Studly and me with two of our grandchildren, Garrett and McKayla, from nine years ago. At first glance I thought the woman pictured was my mom. Then it dawned on me, that my mother died before ever meeting any of her great grandchildren.

Here’s a photo of Mom with our daughter, Ashley, who is the mother of the children pictured above. I think maybe Ashley was four in this photo.

Again, here’s the photo of me:

Holy cow. People have told me how much I look like mom, but until now I don’t think I fully realized it. Cloning. It’s real and apparently has been since the 1950’s.

Peace, people. (Miss you Mommy)

A Box and a Bottle 

The box sat unopened on the kitchen table, a bottle of red wine close at hand, long-stemmed glass in reach.

Off came the lids and memories spilled forth: 

Newlywed couple, too young to know the perils of an uncertain future.

Pensive new mom in a white nightgown holding her firstborn, swaddled in soft blue bunting.

Happy one year old, face covered in frosting.

Another newborn held tightly, this one covered in pink.

A grinning toddler waving chubby fists over a Cabbage Patch birthday cake.

Wine poured, a tentative taste.

Years roll along. Kindergarten, primary years. Slow days, fast years.

Field day ribbons in primary hues.

Teachers’ notes in calligraphy

Cards from grandparents, now long gone, the signatures unique and cherished. Tangible proof of their love.

A bit more wine, a smooth second sip. Sweeter, deeper, longer.

High school awards, who knew they’d had so many?

Yearbook photos from different schools

Letters from crushes, embarrassingly frank, oh this is blackmail material!

Pour another glass. Wipe a tear away. 

Graduation photos with family and friends.

Caps and gowns

Alma mater in the background

That glass went quickly! Pour another. Be generous. That’s good. 

Adventures abroad

Wedding gowns and cummerbunds


First grandchildren, three months apart

Sweet babies. She has my nose. He has your smile. More wine? Please.

New grandchildren are born

Personalities emerge–this one a tomboy, this one mercurial, this one a charmer; all loved

Marriages shift

New alliances form

Those were difficult days. Yes, more wine, please. 

Holidays and birthdays

Moving days, so far away

Family reunions, look how we’ve grown! From two scared kids to this grand family.

Enough for one afternoon. Besides, we’re all out of wine. Close the box and kiss me.


Lunchtime Flowers

Impervious to curious stares and half-hidden giggles, I waded into the flowers in front of Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant in Tallahassee to snap photos after lunch today.

I had to crawl over a barrier to get to these pretty blossoms. Yes, I’m a rule breaker.

Sheepishly I shrugged my shoulders at a watchful employee, “They’re so pretty,” I explained. 
He just grinned. Thankfully no one called the petal patrol to take me into custody. 

Peace, people!