Fast Cars and Life

I’ve long had a penchant for fast cars, and have even owned a few, though I seldom exceed the posted 

Legal limit. What does this indicate about the nature of my driving? That I feel the need to speed, but lack the 

Necessary courage to press the engine to the full extent of its ability? Or that I only use my car’s 

Excessive horsepower as a tool to avoid potential collisions with less observant or less capable 

Drivers? There is probably a metaphor for the way I live my life embedded in the 

Lines of this poem, but to analyze it, I’d need to either slow down considerably or speed way up.

Convertible Weather

I. My man and I

Out for a 

Cruise in the

Sunshine with the

Top down and the

Radio blasting our

Favorite tunes.

Damn, these


Winters are


II. Late winter sunshine

Indulging my contentment

Basking feels so right.

III. Snow where is thy sting?

My northern brethren know well

I revel in warmth.

Peace, people!