Fast Cars and Life

I’ve long had a penchant for fast cars, and have even owned a few, though I seldom exceed the posted 

Legal limit. What does this indicate about the nature of my driving? That I feel the need to speed, but lack the 

Necessary courage to press the engine to the full extent of its ability? Or that I only use my car’s 

Excessive horsepower as a tool to avoid potential collisions with less observant or less capable 

Drivers? There is probably a metaphor for the way I live my life embedded in the 

Lines of this poem, but to analyze it, I’d need to either slow down considerably or speed way up.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

2 thoughts on “Fast Cars and Life”

  1. All of poetry gears down to subtext, I suppose, Painted Toes.

    Line by line
    to pronounce and parse…

    Yes, but.
    I read not, the poem,
    I overhear the poet

    a colloquy of an unconscious conspiracy,
    I suspect…
    This semi-scripted eavesdrop

    a listen in,
    to a well routed happenstance,
    Trope Torque
    Pit Stop, Mississippi

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