A Moment in the Spotlight

Ashley and I made our national television debut yesterday. For one brief moment we were caught on camera during a live CBS sports broadcast in downtown San Antonio. Ashley’s middle child took a screenshot of our appearance and texted it to her mom. I’d love to say we were models of beauty and grace,

but we were closer to being doubles for dumb and dumber. What can I say? Every time I see the photo I collapse in a fit of giggles. My hair. Ashley’s expression. Priceless.

I still don’t have my voice, so I text Ashley anything important I need to say. As I write this we are sitting outside listening to live music on Saturday evening at a venue filled with Michigan fans.

What fun we are having! Thanks to the Stewarts for putting their tickets up for sale, and thanks to my Studly Doright for buying them even though he couldn’t attend. Thanks to Ashley for saying “yes” to joining me, and thanks to Ashley’s husband for agreeing to be the sole Easter Bunny at their home this year so Ashley could join me, as well.

We’re still bummed that the Jayhawks lost so badly to Villanova, but there’s always next year. Might need to start making plans for Minneapolis.

Peace, people!

Too Tired and Sad to Write (much)

Our Kansas Jayhawks lost to Villanova in the semifinal game of the NCAA Final Four men’s basketball championship. Villanova set a new record in three-point shooting and dominated the Jayhawks by a score of 95-79. Even though we scored two quick points early, the first half was brutal. I’m so sad.

The Jayhawks had a great year, though, winning their 14th straight Big 12 conference championship. And I had the opportunity to be in the Alamodome with my wonderful daughter in the amazing city of San Antonio, Texas, to watch two games of one of the premier American sporting events. It was still an amazing day.

May I take a moment to praise my daughter, Ashley? She is a logistics dynamo and kept me from worrying about transportation and directions and all manner of things. I’d have been a nervous ninny without her along. Plus, she’s just a lot of fun to hang out with.

Oh, and thanks to an ongoing sinus issue I lost my voice sometime on Saturday morning. I could kind of croak sometimes and whisper other times, so Ashley had to interpret for me, as well. It’s probably best that I couldn’t yell during the KU game. There were small children around.

Now Ashley and I find ourselves with two full days in San Antonio before her flight out of Houston on Monday. What will we do? Anything we’d like, thank you very much.

Happy Easter everyone. And as always, peace, people.

The Road to the Final Four

If you’re expecting a recap of the college basketball season, forget about it. I’m just checking in to say I successfully navigated through torrential rains and horrendous road construction on my journey to San Antonio to attend the men’s NCAA college basketball tournament that begins on Saturday. I feel like the driving conditions should be charged with a flagrant foul or two. Maybe a technical. It was a brutal day of driving.

Before the bad stuff happened, Studly and I met friends from Illinois for a late lunch in Destin, FL, where they’ve been enjoying spring break, then I began my drive westward, and Studly returned home to Doright Manor.

I’m writing from my hotel room somewhere in Mississippi. Dinner was a grilled cheese sandwich from the kids’ menu in the hotel’s restaurant and a Guinness. Is that classy or what?

My daughter is flying in to Houston from Illinois, and then she and I will meet up at my brother’s home. He and his sweet wife have invited us to spend the night with them in Houston before we push on to San Antonio on Saturday morning.

Now I’m just trying to unwind and to keep my verb tenses straight. I wrote this on Thursday night, but won’t publish until Friday, so I kept getting confused. Another flagrant foul. (I always want to call it a fragrant foul. Doesn’t that sound more pleasant? Or maybe contradictory.)

I would apologize for the randomness of this post, but I’m too tired. ‘Night all.

Peace, people.

Final Four

All the hoop-la

All the noise

On an Indiana floor.

Sixty-four teams

Whittled down to four

Duke takes on Michigan State

Kentucky meets Wisconsin

Let’s see who wants it more.



As the saying goes, I really don’t have a dog in this fight, so may the weekend be filled with lots of great basketball and may the best team win.