Climbing El Capitan

I watched the news, the pictures of a man climbing El Capitan alone. A solo feat, no wires, no safety net, 

Only chalk and hands, feet and guts. I struggle climbing stairs. I’ve fallen on level surfaces, tripping on my

Own shoelaces, or worse yet, over nothing at all. I’ll drink a toast to the man and his mountain, and ask for help getting to bed.

It’s a really long walk, and the tiles are slippery.

Playing Piano (and other things I can’t do)

I never learned to play piano

I never learned to ballroom dance

I cannot paint with watercolors

I cannot sew a pair of pants

But I can drink wine.

I’ve never climbed a mountain

I cannot water ski

Roller blades and ice skates

Were never meant for me.

But I can drink wine.

I could never do a handstand

A cartwheel or backbend

I never manage to sing on key

And flowers I cannot tend.

But I can drink wine.

There are many things

I cannot do, but I don’t really mind

As long as there are grapes out there

I’ll continue drinking wine.