Aesthetics Issue

I either need a new face or a new haircut. Since I’m most likely stuck with the mug I’ve got, I’m focusing on haircuts.

My hair is super fine and I keep it short. I don’t seem to have any less hair at 62 than I did at 18, though, so I’m not worried about having sparse hair. There’s just not a lot of it.

I found this cut on the internet:

Now, if I had the perfect face like the model, I’d go for this. Hell, I might do it anyway, although, I’m likely to look like a squashed cantaloupe with a bit of mold up top. I’m bummed.

To cheer myself up I googled “funny mug shots.” Worked like a charm. Remind me to never get arrested.

Peace, people!

Silly Wishes

I wish…

I could order a haircut from the way I order books. One click and I’d 

Receive the perfect style to frame my face and suit my life. No hassle and free 

Shipping. And while I’m at it, I wish that weight loss was as easy as weight gain. 

Want a piece of key lime pound cake? No problem. Merely chewing with good 

Intentions will result in counteracting any calories consumed. If I’m greedy, I also 

Wish that Donald Trump would publicly admit he hasn’t a clue about being 

President. And just for good measure, his supporters would understand that’s a