Aesthetics Issue

I either need a new face or a new haircut. Since I’m most likely stuck with the mug I’ve got, I’m focusing on haircuts.

My hair is super fine and I keep it short. I don’t seem to have any less hair at 62 than I did at 18, though, so I’m not worried about having sparse hair. There’s just not a lot of it.

I found this cut on the internet:

Now, if I had the perfect face like the model, I’d go for this. Hell, I might do it anyway, although, I’m likely to look like a squashed cantaloupe with a bit of mold up top. I’m bummed.

To cheer myself up I googled “funny mug shots.” Worked like a charm. Remind me to never get arrested.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

18 thoughts on “Aesthetics Issue”

  1. I love that pixie cut! I did a version of this for years when I was younger and then someone told me it was “too harsh” for my face. Even though I loved the look I let that comment influence me. Stick with what you like. A little product worked in will add some body without much work on your part. It will be amazing 🙂

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    1. See, I’m afraid the “too harsh” tag might apply to this cut on my face, but hey, it’ll grow out if I don’t love it. Right now I feel like I’ve got “old lady hair.” I might be an old lady, but I don’t want my hair to announce it.

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    1. Wish my spouse had said those words. He’s traveling this week and hasn’t seen it yet. When I told him I’d gotten it cut really short his response was, “I’ll bet I won’t like it.” I’m trying to decide if I’ll serve him a cold fish soup tonight when he gets home, or just a slice of bread and a glass of water.

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