Canopied Road

No destination in mind, I was free to choose. Flip a coin, left or right, or perhaps bear straight ahead where a 

Canopied road beckons, shadow-stippled, playing footsie with the sun. No artist painted this. Slow down,

Patterns shift with the slightest whisper of wind. Blink, and the world has changed already. Dark to light and back

Again. A forest green turtle ventures a crossing. Hurry, little guy, not all who travel here will care if you safely reach your

Destination. He ignores my wave, but soldiers on, tiptoeing persistently across this canopied road. His choice matters, too.


if we pledge allegiance
to this tri-colored fabric
and all for which it stands
then we need to acknowledge
that the truth of our words
is not always in evidence.

remember that bit at the end?
that part that proclaims
liberty and justice for ALL?
inclusive words in an
exclusionsary world.

our pledge should instead
reflect that we are a
work in progress:
striving for liberty
fighting for justice.

only when every member
of this society
regardless of color, gender,
sexual orientation, or
religious creed feels the
truth of this pledge
will the words,
“with liberty and justice for all”
have meaning.

Peace, People!