Give Me a Sharpie, and I’ll Rule the World

Most likely by now most folks living in the U.S., and perhaps a few people in other parts of the world, have seen Trump’s latest weird move.

When reading early reports of the possible trajectories of Hurricane Dorian, Trump somehow got it into his head that Alabama was in the path of the storm, even though none of the weather trackers ever indicated that Alabama was in danger.

Rather than backing down from what most likely was a mis-reading of the word “Abaco Islands” in the Bahamas, which most definitely was in the storm’s path, Trump doubled down on his statement by producing a map that clearly had Alabama added in black marker.

This has, of course, inspired a bunch of cartoons and memes that highlight the man’s shameless inability to admit he’s made a mistake. Here are a few I’ve come across.

That dart board is my favorite. I’ve heard Trump’s latest gaffe/lie/idiocy is being tagged #SharpieGate. Fitting.

And finally, from the brave folks in Alabama:

Peace, people.

Pictures from the Road

Studly Doright and I are heading north to spend Christmas with our daughter who lives near Moline, Illinois. I’d intended to write today’s blog post as Studly drove, but I couldn’t concentrate on writing while he was navigating the bumper to bumper traffic.

Things got a little intense a time or two. Going through Dothan, Alabama, a car came within inches of plowing into my door. Only Studly’s quick reflexes kept us from getting hit. Then somewhere north of Nashville a car stopped abruptly in the left hand lane of I-24. Again Studly’s quick thinking prevented an accident. My hero!

So, I didn’t write a thing until we got to our hotel room, and all I have to show for today’s blog are three photos taken while Studly drove:

I have a fondness for Piggly Wiggly signage. My dad managed a Piggly Wiggly grocery store for much of my life, and I met Studly when he worked for my dad at the Piggly Wiggly in Dumas, Texas.

This huge confederate flag waves over a section of I-65 in Alabama. Confederate flag memorabilia is sold in every gas station and convenience store along the interstate. The current president is quite popular in these parts, and I’m always in a hurry to get out of this state.

Traffic in the southbound lanes of I-65 came to a standstill due to a nasty accident just outside of Nashville. Look how far back the headlights go in the distance. Too many people all trying to get somewhere for the holidays. Hoping no one was seriously injured in the wreck.

Tomorrow’s traffic should be less hectic. There won’t be any major cities to navigate between Nashville and Moline, but if you don’t hear from me tomorrow you’ll know I’ve surrendered my sanity.

Peace, people.

Sweet Home

Thank you to the people of Alabama. A special thanks to minority voters who stood up to voter suppression and waited in long lines to vote for and elect Doug Jones, the first Democrat to hold an Alabama senate seat in 25 years.

Now, a majority of white evangelical voters, including women, stuck with accused pedophile Roy Moore as their choice. I cannot understand their lack of decency in their choice, but then, these are the same folks who helped elect an admitted perpetrator of sexual assault to the White House. Party over country, don’t you know.

While I’ll never understand that mindset, I can still celebrate this win for Alabama and for all Americans. Congrats to Doug Jones and to all of us. What a great Christmas gift!

Peace, people.

The Artful Dodger

Yesterday I drove across Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, on my way to see my son and his family in Dallas. More than once I encountered torrential thunderstorms that reduced visibility to less than a handspan.

My knuckles are still bone white from holding the steering wheel in a death grip. At least most of my fellow travelers kept their speed in check; although, occasionally a hotshot would come barreling willy nilly through the downpour as if the roads were dry and the sun shining fiercely. I'd have flipped them the bird if I hadn't feared taking my hand off the wheel.

In addition to dodging the aforementioned would-be NASCAR drivers, I also had to avoid an odd variety of other objects, including, but not limited to the following:

1) a blue and orange striped beach chair
2) one canvas bag approximately three feet long.
3) an infant car seat (no baby, thank goodness!)
4) a tennis shoe

But the best thing I had to dodge was a large alligator. He was dead, thank goodness, but still gave me a fright as I saw him just in the nick of time. Apparently some other driver wasn't as fortunate as I'd been.

Hopefully today, as I head north and west away from the coast, the weather won't be as crazy, the drivers less aggressive, and the gators safely in their proper habitats. I'm tired of being the artful dodger.

Peace, people!

Studly’s Big Birthday Adventure, Part 3: The Leftover Photos

I snapped many photos while Studly Doright and I toured the USS ALABAMA and the USS DRUM in Mobile, Alabama, this past weekend. Here are the ones taken while we snaked our way through the DRUM, a World War II era submarine on display at Battleship Memorial Park. 

Studly and I had to go through some drastic physical manipulations to get through all of the sub’s narrow hatches.
Run silent; run deep
Beautiful brass fittings gave the sub an artsy feel.
Doors (aka hatches) approximately 2 feet x 4 feet.
No privacy for the sailors!
Captain’s wheel
The officers’ shower room.
Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

I can’t imagine being stuck on this vessel for months on end. Claustrophobia would’ve been the death of me.

Peace, people!

Studly’s Big Birthday Adventure, Part 2

On our way home from New Orleans where we purchased parts for a motorcycle Studly Doright is building (see Tuesday’s post) we stopped to tour the USS ALABAMA, a decommissioned battleship that saw duty from August of 1942 until 1947. Since January of 1965, the ship has been the centerpiece at the USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park east of Mobile.

I highly recommend a visit to the park where, in addition to touring the battleship one can also tour the submarine USS DRUM, and an aircraft exhibit. 

Below are just a few of the photos we took during our tour:

Does this propeller make my butt look big?
View of the ship from the gangplank.
Part of the deck was made wooden planks.

The ship’s chapel in the photos above and below.
Medical isolation room–gave me the creeps!

Talk about a fearsome sight!

The ALABAMA earned nine battle stars, and shot down 22 enemy planes during World War II. She’s a beautifully fearsome ship. 

More than ever, peace, people!