Give Me a Sharpie, and I’ll Rule the World

Most likely by now most folks living in the U.S., and perhaps a few people in other parts of the world, have seen Trump’s latest weird move.

When reading early reports of the possible trajectories of Hurricane Dorian, Trump somehow got it into his head that Alabama was in the path of the storm, even though none of the weather trackers ever indicated that Alabama was in danger.

Rather than backing down from what most likely was a mis-reading of the word “Abaco Islands” in the Bahamas, which most definitely was in the storm’s path, Trump doubled down on his statement by producing a map that clearly had Alabama added in black marker.

This has, of course, inspired a bunch of cartoons and memes that highlight the man’s shameless inability to admit he’s made a mistake. Here are a few I’ve come across.

That dart board is my favorite. I’ve heard Trump’s latest gaffe/lie/idiocy is being tagged #SharpieGate. Fitting.

And finally, from the brave folks in Alabama:

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

28 thoughts on “Give Me a Sharpie, and I’ll Rule the World”

  1. Done with being surprised… is so simple……narcissist….he will NEVER admit being wrong, he will never apologise, and he is the best at everything…..just looking forward to him being the best inmate

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  2. I just want the man to disappear into a hole somewhere and never come out again. What a waste he has been to this country, although Sharpie sales are probably now skyrocketing!

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  3. Great post. Every day his buffoonery increases by leaps and bounds. It’s embarrassing. His entire Presidency will be written in the history books as One big joke. I long for the day we have an intelligent leader in the WH again. As a citizen living in a Florida and hurricane tracking is a way of life, it’s sad when our President doesn’t have a clue about what’s really going on in a possible disaster. He’s useless. I sure hope people in my state vote smarter in the next election. 😣

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  4. Every time I opened Twitter yesterday, I saw a new one of these. As horrific as the man is, at least we can have loads of fun laughing at his expense. I kind of hope all of these finally send him over the edge.

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  5. I think my brain melted a little when I saw that story on the news. “When asked about it, the president said he didn’t know anything about it.” This always makes me think of that old SNL weekend update where Dennis Miller said “President Reagan just took a lie detector test. He answered ‘I don’t know’ to 53 questions and the machine said he was telling the truth.”

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