Wedding at Hobbitenango

Those who read my blog posts on a regular basis (God bless you faithful few) know that I’ve been in Antigua, Guatemala, these past few days to celebrate the marriage of my beautiful niece Hanna and her handsome beau, Beto.

On Friday, April 11, family, friends, and a handful of complete strangers joined Beto and Hanna on a mountain far above Antigua for one of the most joyous occasions I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. 


The bride. 😊 Her dad is the proud-looking man just behind Hanna.


Cutting the wedding cake never looked quite so romantic before.


Mother of the bride, Hanna, Father of the bride and lovely niece Lauren.  

My gorgeous niece, Claire, sister of the bride.


This is me standing in the doorway of Hobbitenango.

Hobbitenango is a tavern and hostel owned by my new nephew and his business partners. The buildings that make up Hobbitenango are all Eco-friendly, made from reclaimed lumber, plastic bottles, and egg cartons. 

Still in its early phases of development, Hobbitenango will one day have individual hobbit style houses for guests to rent, and once the shire is complete they’ve planned to create an Ewok village. 

I urged them to hurry–I’m not getting any younger.

Niece Lauren and my sister-in-law, Susan.  

Delightful Andrea, (one of Beto’s cousins) with her mother. I’ve never met more loving, welcoming people. 

The rest I didn’t caption. I’ve run out of superlatives.




Hobbitenango is ringed by four volcanoes. Just at sunset, Fuego, put on a small show for those of us remaining. Of course, my battery was dead, so I had to borrow a photo from my brother’s camera.

 Needless to say it was a sight I will not soon, if ever, forget.

Peace, People!

Mercado en Antigua

Pictures do not completely capture the excitement and color of market day. A thousand words are inadequate. I needed much more than five senses to take in all of the sights, scents, and sounds of the Market.  

One of the first images was of fresh vegetables and fruits of every hue. 

  The grains, dried peppers, and spices put on their own colorful show as if in competition with the veggies. I’m not sure there was a clear cut winner.



Try this technique next time you go shopping.



I loved the pottery angels and the shiny buckets. See, I notice some things that aren’t edible.


My favorite photo of the day. I asked permission to take this woman’s picture, and when she said yes, I told her in Spanish that I thought she was beautiful. She covered her mouth with her hand and smiled like a teenaged girl.


Just a woman and her rooster.

We didn’t even make it to the textiles area. Hopefully we can stop by on Sunday for more of this wonderland.

Peace, People!


Sleeping with wide open windows

In La Antigua de Guatemala

Night murmurs offer lullabies.

Alarm clocks are unnecessary.

Songbirds, first one, then a

Chorus begin telling the

Stories of their lives.

The shrill one is my avian

Doppelgänger, repeating

Her story ad nauseum.

Occasionally, though, she

Touches my heart, punctuating

Her song with, “please see me?”


Embarrassing Travel Moments

I have had mixed results speaking Spanish on my trip to Antigua, Guatemala.

Last night at dinner I was trying to tell the waiter we needed more time with our menus. I patted our table and said, “Por favor, leave them right here.” His puzzled look was my first indication of how lame that sounded. The laughter from my group was the second. He did leave the menus, though–he was probably afraid to be too near this crazy gringa.

Just a few minutes ago a few of us returned to our accommodations and after calling Studly to beg for money I retreated to my room for a nap.

It didn’t take me long to peel out of my sweaty clothes to bask au naturale on my bed. I’d just closed my eyes when I realized the gardener was standing just outside the very open window. I’m pretty sure my “oops!” translated into Spanish flawlessly.

Fountain of Youth

Twice have I drunk from

The fountain of youth’s waters.

How long must one wait?


Crow’s feet still add depth

To the corners of my eyes,

Fine lines mark my mouth.


Fountain of youth, oh

Where is thy miracle cure?

On sabbatical?

A Real Prince of a Guy

When I was a little girl

Many years ago

I dreamed of finding

A handsome prince 

And making him my beau.

But I grew into a plain lass

Tall with gangly limbs

And no prince deigned to

Take my hand and

Realize my whims.

So I nurtured imagination

Focused on my brain

Some considered 

Me odd as I grew,

Ever against the grain.

Then Studly came

Into my life and 

Took on the role of prince

And even through our

Ups and downs

I’ve been so happy since. 


I’m already missing my Studly who’s holding Doright Manor together in my absence.