Strange Bedfellows

photographic art by Julie Powell

Strange Bedfellows
Words by Leslie Noyes

I can’t get wet,
You don’t like the dry,
You lumber about,
I love to fly.

I dine on worms,
You feast on grass,
You’re quite large,
I’m just a little lass.

I’ve heard you bellow,
You’ve listened to me sing
I admire your ears,
You envy my wings.

You can’t build a nest,
I can’t capsize a boat,
You fear nothing,
I never learned to float.

We aren’t much alike
In our habits and ways,
Yet we manage to co-exist
For all of our days

Despite our differences
We share this earth
I’m your best friend,
And you’re my perch.

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Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

14 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows”

      1. Cheers Leslie…I’ve not been called that previously and assume it’s American for a man of great demeanour, a muscular type, testosterone charged go-getter? Oh, Shirl just chanced by as I was typing this comment mumbling ‘tosser’ in my direction!

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      2. Well Leslie, I called her a ‘doll’ and she replied, ‘What are you after?’ and carried on cooking a dubious meal seemingly mainly compiled of caramelized thing that shouldn’t be caramelized…kept my mouth shut on that one, needed a ladder to shut off the smoke alarms!

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