Hunker Down

I’ve hunkered down, my friend, awaiting storm’s approach,

Supplies are purchased, including wine, my taste above reproach.

Let’s bask this day in the modern life, celebrate electricity,

For tomorrow we may lose this perk and struggle yet to see.

I’ve books stockpiled, along with food, the soul to feed in time

While waiting out the coming flood with words inclined to rhyme.

Oh, I’ll watch the tempest throughout the night, daring it to harm

And hoping that with dawn’s first light it’s fizzled, no alarm.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

12 thoughts on “Hunker Down”

  1. What vino did you go for Leslie? I wonder if this is the hurricane the UK weather gal on TV is on about…she was warning its remnants will hit us in a few days time although not with the same intensity as you are going to cop! Stay safe.

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    1. For a hurricane, a merlot. No chilling necessary and we might be without refrigeration for a few days, so that would be perfect. They’re calling this storm Hermine. She should be a protagonist in one of your poems.

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      1. Shirley tells me it is ‘Gaston’ that heads this way…it seems Hellfire Corner where we are will just get a robust wind…still the waves hitting the harbour wall should fascinate me if I get the urge to wander out.

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      2. Several years ago Studly and I lived right on the Atlantic coast in south Florida. We rode out two hurricanes one year. The force of the waves before the storm hit and after was stunning. Really humbling. For all our hubris man is a piddling thing when compared to the forces of nature.

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      3. Absolutely true…the sea is the most marvellous of things. We take regular shopping trips, breaks and holidays across the Channel (La Manche by any other name) regularly, choosing the days when it is a mill pond; when the sea grows big, I hold onto my hat and watch in awe.

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