Is This My Country?

Thugs, egged on by the sitting President of the United States, are storming the U.S. Capitol as I sit watching in utter disbelief. They have placed elected officials and others in grave danger in an attempt to overthrow the results of the election.

The House and Senate have been evacuated stopping the electoral vote count. I sincerely hope they face consequences for attempting to subvert the democratic process.

It’s a sad day for my country.

Peace, please, people.

Last Year’s Greatest Hits Countdown: Number Three

The post that came in at number three for 2020 is one of my personal favorites. I wrote it about Toby, a special dog who, in his lumbering way stole my heart. He also taught me patience and renewed my interest in physics. Rest In Peace, sweet Toby.

I give you Newton’s First Law of Motion as Applied to Walking the Dog.

Toby is the dog. The guy in blue is my son.

Peace, people!

Last Year’s Greatest Hits Countdown: Number Four

The blog post that came in at number four this year was already an oldie when 2020 rolled around. Written in 2014, much of its lingering popularity must be due to the inclusion of the word ‘sexual’ in the title. A smarter me would find a way to work some form of the root word ‘sex’ into every single blog post.

Join me in looking back at a seemingly innocent song that’s just chock full of fun—Roller Skates and Sexual Innuendo.

Peace, people!

Last Year’s Greatest Hits Countdown: Number Five

Thanks to each of you, 2020 was the best year yet for Praying for Eyebrowz. I never dreamed when I started writing this blog that the best part would be the connections I’d make with so many wonderful people. Those connections might’ve helped save my sanity last year. I’m not kidding.

To start off the first week of the new year, I thought it might be fun to take a look back at the top five posts of 2020. Please join me as we travel back in time….

The fifth most popular post of 2020 was Love is a Battlefield, a little glimpse into the imperfect perfection of a lengthy relationship.

Studly Doright and me. (I’m the one in the left…)

Join me tomorrow for the fourth most popular post. The anticipation is intense! Or maybe I’m just hungry.

Peace, people!

Walking a Fine Line

Back in 1964 when I was a young Brownie Scout peddling Girl Scout cookies, I came face-to-face with an ugly truth: I’m a lousy salesperson. My spiel when knocking on doors of prospective customers often included the question, “You wouldn’t be interested in buying cookies from me, would you?” Marketing was not my game.

Fast forward to 2020. I’m still not much good at selling my wares. Nowadays, though, it’s my little indie book I’m peddling instead of the highly desirable Girl Scout cookies. I don’t want to annoy you, my readers, but I also don’t want to miss an opportunity to say, “Hey, buy my book!”

I wonder if it would help to mention how much I think lovers of Thin Mints would enjoy reading Mayhem at the Happy Valley Motor Inn and Resort?

Hey, buy my book, and cookies, if you have the opportunity.

Peace, and good reading, people.

Upstairs, No Stairs

A couple of good friends are helping me proofread my romance, The Cowboy and the Executive, before I send it to Rachel Carrera for her special magic. Honestly, I thought I’d crossed most of my t’s and dotted all of my i’s, but I should have known better.

Most of the corrections involve missing quotation marks or spaces where no spaces should be, but one of my mistakes, called to my attention by my friend, Flo, made me laugh out loud.

Apparently, on a couple of occasions I’d written that my heroine’s bedroom was on the second floor. Unfortunately, in the previous chapter I’d already described the home she was staying in as a sprawling one-story ranch house.

I suppose if the home was, say inside Hogwarts or located on Diagon Alley, my mistake might be a charmingly magical occurrence, but since it’s just a Muggle dwelling on a ranch outside of Amarillo, Texas, I had to make a correction or two.

Thanks to Flo for keeping my protagonist’s feet on the ground. Still, I wonder if there’s a place for the Golden Snitch in this book?

Peace, people!

The Other Leslie Noyes

The Noyes surname isn’t exactly a common one, at least not in the Texas panhandle where I was raised. And my given name, Leslie, has never once been featured in the top ten baby names for infant girls. Trust me, I checked. So, when I came across a Leslie Noyes on Facebook, my first thought was, “Is that me?”

But since I go by Leslie Hall Noyes on Facebook, I realized it must be some other awesome person with my name. And I was right! The other Leslie Noyes is incredibly awesome. 

For many months we kind of danced around each other on Facebook, trading niceties and observations. I was so relieved to discover that the other Leslie Noyes and I shared progressive political views. After becoming better acquainted we also discovered we shared a birth year and a convergence of important dates. My anniversary and her birthday fall on the same day. So cool.

Like me, the other Leslie Noyes is also a writer. Her book, Willing, isn’t due to be released until March 22, 2021, but because we share a name and have become friends through Facebook, I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC—Advanced Reader Copy. I’m not going to lie; that made me feel extra special.

Another thing I’m not going to lie about is just how good Willing is. For four days I was held spellbound by this book, and when I reached the end, I felt bereft. How was I supposed to go on now that the book’s heroine, Lizbeth Silver, was no longer in my life?

Lizbeth has had her heart broken, not once, but twice. Understandably, she isn’t eager to go through the anguish of allowing heartache into her life again, so being an intelligent, sensible woman, Lizbeth crafts a list of rules for future relationships in which mind-blowing sex is key, while emotional entanglements are not. Just how well do her rules hold up in the real world? You’ll need to read Willing to find out.

Willing is sexy (I’m talking sizzling) and sophisticated. The dialogue is witty, and the other Leslie Noyes is so adept at describing people and places that I felt as if I knew every character personally and had visited each setting while on a wonderful vacation to Vermont and points beyond.

As I read I kept thinking of Willing as a coming of age story, but not one with teenaged protagonists. Who says only young people can experience the revelations of life and love?

I’ll post about Willing again when the book is published in March. But keep it on your radar. It’s fun, sexy, sophisticated, and did I mention sexy? There are several chapters I need to reread, for research purposes, you know. Be sure to check out Leslie’s author page at

Peace, people!

Restless for Romance

For many years I worked on writing a novel. I started at least ten years ago when, out of nowhere, this crazy title, Mayhem at the Happy Valley Motor Inn and Resort, popped into my head as I sat drinking a glass of wine in front of our home in Illinois. My initial thought was, “cool.” My second thought was, “I think I need more wine.”

And so it went for several years. The title would nag at me, but I had no idea what was supposed to happen in the book. Was it a romance? A mystery? What kind of mayhem might ensue? Perpetrated by whom? I’d sit down at my computer to write, manage a couple of sentences, and then go back for more wine. Still, that title wouldn’t leave me alone.

Then the main character’s name came to me. Something awful had happened in Paula Jean Arnett’s life and she was left with doubts about her husband and their marriage. With this revelation I was able to begin my story, and before too long I’d written 20,000 words. Cool, right?

Wrong. My characters stalled out at a dinner party. They wouldn’t shut up and I was petrified by the thought of throwing away a large chunk of the words I’d written. So I put the story aside and let it flit around the corners of my mind.

It kept flitting around, occasionally getting me to pull out my computer in an attempt to move the story along. I finally deleted the whole dinner party scene after realizing I could store it in another file for future use. Thank goodness for computers and word processing software.

After Studly Doright and I moved to Havana, Florida, I had a burst of new interest in finishing Mayhem, but still couldn’t quite make the commitment to go all in. I began writing this blog and gained some confidence in my own skills. I found a generous audience in my readers and found similar stories to mine. There are many would-be authors out there.

Then in the spring of 2020, just before COVID-19 shut stuff down, I took an Ollie course on writing at Florida State. While we didn’t get to complete the course, the instructor gave me a figurative kick in the pants, and within a few months Mayhem was truly out of my head and onto the published page.

Between the time I completed Mayhem and the time it was ready to be published I became restless. I wondered if I could write another book—something short and sweet and fun. Lo and behold, I did.

As I type this, my romance, The Cowboy and the Executive, is in the hands of Rachel Carrera, the lovely woman who guided me through editing and publishing Mayhem and designed the cover. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for Cowboy.

Yeehaw and peace, people!