Congressional Fashion

I’m not a fan of Kristen Sinema—the Democratic Senator from Arizona who skews more to the right than the left. She’s a DINO—Democrat In Name Only, like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin.

On Tuesday night, Sinema wore a bright yellow dress to the State of the Union address. It’s a dress I wouldn’t have worn, but she did and has been attacked by Democratic pundits for her choice.

That infuriates me.

Men in her position basically have two choices: a blue suit or a black suit and a tie that says “I’m in charge or send more money.” Whereas for women there awaits a minefield. Too colorful? You’re an attention whore. Too bland? You’re outdated, boring.

Attack Sinema all day long for abandoning her constituents in favor of accepting money from conservative special interest groups, but ignore what she’s wearing, That shouldn’t matter at all.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

18 thoughts on “Congressional Fashion”

  1. You are right – it shouldn’t matter at all! Not knowing the politics (being Canadian), I watched a little and noticed what people were wearing though – I wondered about what everyone was wearing and whether it had a meaning!

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    1. Sometimes the GOP folks will wear red and the Dems, blue. Notably for men in their ties. The women’s dresses are generally sedate. I’m someone who never seems to have the right dress for the right occasion, so maybe that’s why this hit criticism of Sinema hit me wrong.


    1. It wasn’t a pretty dress, nor was it stylish. But, it was her choice and she’s a member of Congress, not a beauty contestant.

      I remember Hillary Clinton being roasted for wearing pantsuits. Perfectly nice ones. Nothing will make some of these people happy until woman are safely back in the kitchen.

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      1. But it was Democratic pundits attacking Sinema’s dress. I know she’s been awful on close votes—but that should be their focus, not her dress.


  2. Amen.
    We had our very first female Prime Minister a few years back, and she was criticised for everything from the size of her bottom to the length of her ear lobes!!!! The men in suits weren’t long in getting rid of that upstart. I often wondered what good changes she might have brought about if the media had concentrated on what she was saying, not her apppearance.

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