I wonder if I’m too old or too dumb to understand all the stuff I need to know to get my author website up and running. The website is there, it’s just missing important stuff and even after a thorough and wonderful tutorial from one of the smartest guys I know, I feel like I’m trying to put together a 500 piece puzzle in which more than half the pieces are missing.

Things I need:

1) A Reader Magnet—that’s a free story offered to folks who sign up for my newsletter.

2) An Automated Onboarding Process—these are the emails that are generated automatically when someone signs up to receive my newsletter.

3) A Newsletter—exclusive information about my books delivered at regular intervals to those subscribing.

Now, I can write that darned newsletter, but I’m struggling with the reader magnet and the onboarding process. The reader magnet needs to be a peek inside my stories. Maybe a tale told from the perspective of a character other than my main protagonist. Or maybe a prequel to the whole series, say, perhaps a look back at my characters during their teenaged years. I’m told it can even be an outtake—a scene I cut from the published book. I’m wrestling with this mightily, y’all.

And once I have it written, then what? Do I save it as a word document? Do I publish it and make it available for free to my subscribers? Do I send up smoke signals? At this point, option three sounds simplest, and I’d need to learn how to make smoke signals.

But that’s nothing compared to my angst over the automated onboarding. I took copious notes during a tutorial session. I’ve watched multiple YouTube videos. And yet, I’ve still got next to nothing. I am clueless; hear me sob. I think I need to hire someone to come sit beside me as I learn how to complete the task.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue working on that reader magnet. Maybe Paula and Cassie as cave people? Circus performers? Heh. Maybe not. But just in case you’re wondering who Paula and Cassie are, check out my Happy Valley series on Amazon.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

26 thoughts on “Angst”

  1. I think this is why I likely will never write anything more than a blog, although the book writing seems to be a breeze compared to the rest of this. If I had any clue I would offer my help or advice but I’ll only send you into a corner mumbling hysterically if I try so best of luck in figuring everything out!

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  2. I feel your pain. You said, ” I think I need to hire someone to come sit beside me as I learn how to complete the task.” Well there you go. That’s what you need to do. Think of it like drivers training. A learner needs someone with them at all when driving. You can do it.

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  3. I’m so sorry it’s all so confusing for you! I could barely understand what the post was talking about (I am not tech-savvy, I am tech-familiar – it exists in the same reality as I do). So if I don’t understand your simplified version, there’s no way I would understand the detailed stuff. So I give kudos to you for understanding any of it enough to simplify it! So too dumb is not an option. Also, you Gravitar took me to a site that said you’re semi-retired with a husband and two cats. Assuming your retirement began at the average age, I am younger than you are, therefore you’re not too old.

    Also, that start made “Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie” by Bob Dylan pop into my head. In it, “When you think you’re too old, too young, too smart or too dumb” is a line. It is not a song, it is a spoken-word poem, and he did record it so you could hear him read it. The lyrics are powerful when you feel down and out and like you’ll just never get to where you’re going. Actually, I’ll share it with you – I’ll add links to just the lyrics and also one for him speaking it. You can do both together, or just pick one. Either way, ENJOY!



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    1. Agreed. I have to confess, until recently I didn’t subscribe to any authors’ websites, regardless of what they had to offer as a freebie. Now that I know I need one of my own, I’ve jumped on board to get a look. There are some really good websites out there.

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