Mind Blown

A contributor on a Facebook writers’ group posed a question today about when to use the word “supposably” instead of “supposedly.” My gut reaction was to reply that “supposably” was slang. Fortunately, I decided to Google the word and to my amazement found this:

Supposably means “as may be conceived or imagined” and is the adverb form of supposable, which means “capable of being supposed or conceived.” On the other hand, supposedly usually means “allegedly.” The words are often conflated when one usually intends to say “supposedly.”

All I have to say is”Holy Wordsmithing, Batman!”

Now, a good many folks who commented on the post refused to believe the Google entry. They preferred to stick with old knowledge. Supposedly they’d be the ones who supposably might ignore the importance of vaccines leading to dire consequences.

I have no idea if I used the word “supposably” correctly or not. It’s a tricky one and I’ll probably ignore it from now on. Still, it is a word, so don’t disrespect it.

Peace, people!

Crazy Gracie, Shredder of Worlds

Our beautiful cat came to us already named Gracie. And since she was beautiful and the epitome of grace we kept the name. However, Shredder of Worlds might have been a more suitable moniker.

It took about a week for this scratching post to start unraveling. Note that she’s liberated the ping ping balls from their furry coverings.
Gracie laughs in the presence of corrugated cardboard.
For a brief time there were feathers on the end of this stick. Now it boasts only a stub.

She’s figured out how to open the antique hutch in which her snacks are stored, and at least once a week I wake up next to a package of treats.

See the little tooth marks?

Gracie is endlessly fascinating and slightly intimidating. We are kind of in love.

Don’t be fooled by my innocent look.

Peace, people!

This Old Picture

That’s me holding Ashley and Studly holding Jason.

As I recall this was taken right before Christmas late in the evening. The baby, Ashley, had been sick for several days. Neither she nor I had gotten much rest in that period of time. Studly Doright had just come off a week of working the midnight shift at Northern Natural Gas in Sunray, Texas. He was exhausted and almost as cranky as Ashley and I were. Only three-year-old Jason was in a good mood.

Cue a knock at the door. Studly’s brother-in-law, Steve, and Steve’s dad, were standing on our porch. Steve had a brand new camera and was itching to try it out. On us. Oh mercy.

Reluctantly, I agreed and the result was the American Gothic type image on display in this post. Never one to enjoy having my picture taken, I’m pretty sure I was thinking horrible thoughts about the photographer. Sorry, Steve, if you’re reading this. Thank goodness none of the stuff I wished on you came true. Not yet anyway…

A few years after this was taken our son said, “I really don’t like this picture. It makes us look poor.”

“Well, son,” Studly said. “We were poor.”

“And exhausted,” I added.

At the time, I didn’t like it either, but now I kind of love this old photo. Steve, I forgive you.

Peace, people.

The Pessimistic Optimist

The pessimistic optimist believes

That the glass is half full

Of some noxious liquid.

That the grass is always greener

But the fertilizer

Is toxic

That the shiny silver lining

Is mostly worthless strands of tinsel

This, friend, is a day in the life of someone

Who counts her chickens

Before the eggs have even

Been laid.

Jacksonville Zoo

One of the highlights of the anniversary trip Studly Doright and I took this past week was a visit to the Jacksonville Zoo. We’d heard great things about this particular zoo and we weren’t disappointed.

Knowing the temperatures were going to rise into the high 90’s on Friday, with a heat index of 110° predicted, we checked out of our wonderful hotel room at Margaritaville on Jacksonville Beach early and were at the zoo when the gates opened.

This zoo was kind of magical. The habitats were spacious and creatively designed with walkways for the animals that allowed for closeup viewing without restrictive cages.

In the bonobo exhibit.
This guy was upset that another bonobo was pushing a red bowl around.
Very upset!
From the tiger exhibit.
He was so close to us!
Who doesn’t love a giraffe? We missed seeing the little ones!
This guy was a visitor just like us.
Handsome guy
These guys were taking it easy.
While this one was lying in wait…
This quote by Langston Hughes is one of my favorites.

At each exhibit there were volunteers explaining how the animals had been acquired and the steps taken to provide the optimal habitat for each of the zoo’s residents. It was a great way to spend a few hours.

The landscaping was gorgeous.

Peace, people!

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