This Old Picture

That’s me holding Ashley and Studly holding Jason.

As I recall this was taken right before Christmas late in the evening. The baby, Ashley, had been sick for several days. Neither she nor I had gotten much rest in that period of time. Studly Doright had just come off a week of working the midnight shift at Northern Natural Gas in Sunray, Texas. He was exhausted and almost as cranky as Ashley and I were. Only three-year-old Jason was in a good mood.

Cue a knock at the door. Studly’s brother-in-law, Steve, and Steve’s dad, were standing on our porch. Steve had a brand new camera and was itching to try it out. On us. Oh mercy.

Reluctantly, I agreed and the result was the American Gothic type image on display in this post. Never one to enjoy having my picture taken, I’m pretty sure I was thinking horrible thoughts about the photographer. Sorry, Steve, if you’re reading this. Thank goodness none of the stuff I wished on you came true. Not yet anyway…

A few years after this was taken our son said, “I really don’t like this picture. It makes us look poor.”

“Well, son,” Studly said. “We were poor.”

“And exhausted,” I added.

At the time, I didn’t like it either, but now I kind of love this old photo. Steve, I forgive you.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

28 thoughts on “This Old Picture”

  1. What a great photo! Was it taken in the late 70’s? If so everybody was poor in the 70’s. Lol
    If I showed you pics of me with my oldest when he was little I look like a hippie mom.
    Either way, it’s fun to see life when we were young and exhausted!
    Isn’t it interesting how over time our opinions about photos change? This captures a moment in time. Priceless!

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      1. Ok close enough. The late 70’s and early 80’s had similar fashions. Lol You guys look like a kids! My oldest was born in 73 and my youngest in 1988. So in 73 I looked like a peace & love hippie and in 88 I had shoulder pads and slightly teased hair. Lol. A very different look. Haha. But it’s fun to look back at pictures.

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  2. Doesn’t matter what era, sick babies and cranky parents always look the same! And siblings never get sick at the same time, prolonging the parents misery. I remember that all too well with chickenpox, two older siblings and a brand new baby. Thank god for breastfeeding. Baby got some immunity from me.

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      1. I feel ya there!! I used to love any photo of me. Now, with wrinkles and dark spots and fallen jowls, I need about 100 to find 1 “acceptable”. “Good” is pretty much impossible!

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