Still Wearing My Mask

I’m fully vaccinated, but I live in Florida where only 49.8% of the population can say the same. Good old Florida, where the number of those infected with Covid continues to rise and hospitals are again running out of resources with which to treat them. I personally know a man who was sent home on oxygen because the local hospital was out of beds for Covid patients. He’s not doing well.

The Delta variant is resulting in breakthrough infections among the vaccinated. And while if I were to be infected I’d likely have a milder case of Covid than an unvaccinated person, I’m not willing to risk it.

This stubborn refusal to take the vaccine coupled with the anti-mask mindset of many in my state is literally killing people. And I just don’t understand it. For some it’s become political—a show of solidarity for a former president (who, by the way, admits to having received the vaccine). I guess I put common sense above politics.

Others have fallen victim to disinformation spread via social media. I’ve had people tell me that the vaccine inserts a device into the bloodstream so the government can track them. That one gives me a headache. Guess what, folks, the government really doesn’t have time or the need to track every single one of us. And unless you’re up to no good, why would that even worry you?

Others believe the vaccine is the biblical mark of the beast. C’mon man. I’ve had every vaccine available since I was a little kid. Chances are, these naysayers had as well—until Covid came along.

So yes, I’m still masked up even as I see most of my fellow Floridians unmasked in stores. I smile at them with my eyes while they give me dirty looks. Like I’m the one potentially spreading a deadly virus. Hm. Go figure.

Peace, people.

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I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

52 thoughts on “Still Wearing My Mask”

  1. And now our state is providing vouchers for kids to transfer out of schools for ‘harassment’s.’ Wow. Stay in school for the bullying and peer pressure, but now it’s called harassment and you can opt out of that school and switch. What if the same things happens at the new school, then what? Do the really young kids even understand this or are their parents telling them all the evil that lurks behind the mask? What about the people on their deathbeds realizing they were wrong and begging people to get the vaccine? Does that now show the danger and horror of Covid? I don’t understand, but like you, I am fully vaccinated and will continue wearing my mask. For me and for others.

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    1. My husband has five locations under his direction. One of them—the nearest one to where we live—has had a 100% infection rate. One guy almost died. Another’s wife passed away. Every one of these guys was influenced by their minister to not get the vaccine. Mind boggling.

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      1. The only thing ‘good’ to see if how upset so many of our mayors are. DeSantis is not gonna change, but I think now he feels the need to just keep digging in. Wasn’t it the AZ governor who said he wished he had not signed a mask mandate because he wants to change it now? Could you see DeSantis changing course? Heck, no. He’s in too deep. He challenged President Biden, for gosh sakes! What an ass.

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  2. Thank you for speaking up and out. I’ve been debating writing a post focused on vaccines, anti-vax, and kids. My two young grand daughters are my biggest worry right now. Covid doesn’t magically skip over kids. When you put my family at higher risk and there’s an easy answer I’m not a very nice person.

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      1. I was just reading your comment to Leslie. It’s all so ridiculous, some states such as Florida, worse than others unfortunately. We are truly in a protect yourself and your family at all costs situation at this point. So many will turn a blind ear and eye to reality, until it directly impacts them. I’m sure you’ve seen that on the news with the many now infected and dying and suddenly so heartfelt about wishing they would have been vaccinated… I am fully a “choice” sort of person, but cannot condone the brainwashed stupidity at this point.

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  3. Great common sense post! We’re up against the same craziness where I live, the hospitals are slammed, they ask that you don’t go to the ER unless it’s a really serious emergency, to relieve the demand on the doctors and nurses; and commenters say they don’t believe anything the hospital says!?! Although there is a slight uptick locally in people getting the vaccine lately. It’s not just here though, I see BS around the Internet from people in several different states.

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  4. Thank you for this post. It needed to be said! I’m so frustrated with our state of Florida. It’s like the most ridiculous people in the world live here. 🙄Governor De Stupid has me screaming at the Tv. I don’t get it! I live in a 55 and over community and several people in my condo building refuse to wear a mask or get vaccinated. It’s maddening. Especially since I’m back in chemotherapy and fighting cancer and these fools keep putting me at risk. I got vaccinated in February and March. My children got vaccinated. Everyone wears a mask around me because my immune system is compromised . But yet I have neighbors in my condo community who are more worried about a stupid mask than about the health of their neighbors. I’m so over it!
    I yelled at one of my male neighbors and told him that I have a nephew who is a firefighter/paramedic who wears masks to save people in fires and when they are sick. He and his buddies don’t complain. Our soldiers fighting for our democracy wear masks and don’t complain. Our health care workers wear masks to save lives and don’t complain so why was he such a wimp afraid of a mask to wear into the elevator? The guy went on a tirade that made no logical sense.
    I will never understand blind stupidity.

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  5. Totally concur, Nananoyz. Simply well said/written.
    I also blogged on this, too, because my adult daughter tested positive after being fully vaccinated.
    I’m also still wearing my mask. Each of us should “police” around us. I’m with Macron, if you don’t want to vax, please stay home.

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  6. Gah! I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. It’s not nearly as bad here in Oregon, but I’m still back to wearing my mask everywhere…again. And my frustration with the human species is reaching a new peak.

    On a happier note, I just finished reading the Cowboy and the Executive last night, and really enjoyed it! So romantical, and loved Toby at Western Chic. I badly needed some lighthearted romance reading in my life, so thank you.

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  7. Every single time I see Florida in the news for yet another stupid thing your governor has said or done, I think of you being in the middle of it and cringe. Not that I’m in a much nicer boat in my state, but or state idiot isn’t quite as blatantly trying to kill off most of the state’s population. Ours is a little bit more subtle about it. I haven’t stopped wearing my mask and it would take a hell of a lot to get me to even though I’m also vax’d. The fact that I’ve been healthier over the last year, with fewer rounds of all the nasties we pass to each other, is enough to convince me that it is a smart idea, Covid or no. Stay safe and healthy!

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  8. I’m with you, Leslie. Even though MI isn’t too bad, I still wear a mask even though I am fully vaccinated. I know I could get a breakthrough infection and not know it and then spread it to others. What gets me is that the anti-vaxers say they should have their personal freedom. But them exercising their “freedom” is impinging on mine. If they would just get the shot, then I wouldn’t have to mask and I would be ok with going to the gym again. Selfish. And yes, I think your governor is bonkers. And mean. I’m glad you posted this. I think you’ve inspired me to write about it also. Thanks.

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  9. I too live in Florida and am vaxed and wear a mask. I thought in May – this is great I will be able to travel to New York and see my grandkids. Then the stores started with no masks necessary if you are vaxed. Well the non-vaxed thought great no masks for us. Now we are back to where we were last year, actually worse and I am pissed. Since I am 64, I am not taking chances and only shopping once a week and wear a mask even to take the trash out since I have to get into my buildings elevator. Our Deathsantis Governor is going to make kids so sick with this mask mandate. He does not care about anyone in Florida. He is busy traveling all over the country meeting with anti-maskers while people are sick and dying in our state. He thinks he will be President – what a joke. He would be worse than the former guy. Please vote him out as we don’t need a person in office who cares more about his political career than the people of our State.

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