Ship of Fools

On this ship of fools

We tremble, gnashing our teeth

What will befall us?

Without a captain

Storm’s surge threatens to swamp us

Waves batter and bruise

Who will trim the sail?

This captain is not worthy

The task falls to us.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

13 thoughts on “Ship of Fools”

  1. Oh I wish I knew. One can only but hope a better captain comes through. Unless the people have to navigate these stormy waters on their own. What a time to be a live. And what very apt words from you, with great images to accompany. Wishing you and your countrymen all the best.

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  2. Perfectly stated. Yes…These are very scary times. I am terrified that this nightmare will never end. Covid cases are up in Florida and the rest of the nation. And still his loyal supporters gather in droves without masks to cheer him on. They shout nonsense about socialism making it clear they don’t know the meaning of the word or the Real history Of either candidate. I’m baffled at the blind ignorance I see. And now a new SC justice who could take us back a century In time with her archaic agenda is on the bench trying to undo everything RBG fought for. Such Scary times. Praying for change and still trying to understand how we got to this place.

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