Mad Skills

When Studly Doright and I returned home from our brief trip to northeastern Georgia we were faced immediately with two issues. 1) Our refrigerator/freezer had stopped doing its job, and many of the contents inside were rendered inedible. 2) Our television developed the odd habit of turning off after ten to fifteen minutes of viewing. The sound continued operating, but there was no picture.

Our first inclination was to call repair companies for both issues, so we googled the appropriate service providers and soon had repairmen scheduled. Neither could come quickly, though, and that was frustrating.

As we sat contemplating our situation Studly looked at me and said, “I think I can fix that refrigerator.”

Not to be outdone I said, “I think I can fix the television.”

Truly I was kidding, but once Studly began exploring the fridge and gathering tools, I decided to see what Google could tell me about our television’s problem. The hard part was in figuring out how to word my question, but after only three tries I hit pay dirt.

It took Studly about three hours to get the refrigerator cooling properly—and that included two trips into town for supplies. It took me approximately five minutes total to fix the telly and to call the tv repairman to cancel our appointment. Yep, I won. Studly just won’t acknowledge that there was ever a competition.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

27 thoughts on “Mad Skills”

  1. This is so brilliant! The internet is so handy in helping solve problems isn’t it. It’s how I fixed my microwave the other day. Literally a simple press of a couple of buttons that I didn’t know about because we are in the habit of throwing away our manuals. I find it so funny that he did not know about the competition, but at least you guys have a working fridge and TV now, at no extra cost to you! You’ve encouraged me to be more resourceful for sure.

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    1. Thank you! Literally all I had to do to fix the tv was to unplug, wait ten seconds and plug it back in. The sad thing is, I didn’t think to google a solution until we’d been without television for two full days! 🤪


      1. I always think about how long we’ve had the appliance, and knowing that my husband struggles with putting a new filter on the brita…to be fair, I’m not good with smart technology either. I can fix certain things, but not all


  2. That is so good!!! Look at “yawl” all handy and stuff?!? Multi-talented, I tell ya!!! Glad you got both working. There is also a shortage of new appliances right now. My daughter’s boyfriend has an appliance installation business in Tampa and so many refrigerators and ovens are on backorder due to the pandemic. Our thermostat went out in our fridge a few months ago and it took the guy 2 trips & 2 weeks to get it fixed. He did a temp fix and put a freezer thermostat in it and it froze everything so we had to turn it off for a few hours, turn it back on for a few hours…babysat the damn thing for a week until the right part came in. 🙂

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      1. Well, I haven’t been able to find organic canned pumpkin. My favorite brand is out in all the Publix. I can get it on Amazon for $12.64 a can. Only yesterday, I found 2 cans of organic canned pumpkin at my Target. Their organic brand. I bought them both online & then picked them up. When I went to the store, sure enough, the cupboard was bare! 🙂 GO ME!

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