15 thoughts on “Pigeon Humor”

      1. Well, funny thing is while our last house was far more rural, deers sometimes leapt the fence and sheep once staged a bold escape from a field along the road and took up residence in a neighbour’s garden, this one has more ‘wildlife’ . There’s a family of squirrels, all kind of birds and a fox go about the garden . But, while I am out there every day the same as usual, it’s like fatty of the pigeon menage knows there’s something up, nicking everything going, getting visibly fatter and fatter by the day, relentlessly bullying the other birds, including the two hens that hang with him and refusing to budge when you chase him. Unless it’s just that the seagulls have kind of cleared off a bit cos the school along the road is shut obvi so he feels safer. But defo the behaviour has changed.

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