An Unexpected Character

Last evening I was working on my novel, typing furiously, closing in on my thousand word target for the day, when out of the blue a sinister character showed up. Now, this has been the part of writing a novel that simultaneously makes me want to scream and laugh. Who the heck did this character think he was to appear out of thin air at this moment in time?

Throughout the night I’d wake up and think either, “This guy has got to go,” or “Damn, this guy is just the thing to bring closure.”

When I started writing this morning I decided to let him stay for awhile and just see where the story went. Friends, I think he’s a keeper. His appearance is the catalyst I needed to resolve an issue and help two of my characters work together after a devastating secret threatened to pull them apart. My subconscious knew something that I did not.

Isn’t that the beauty of using a word processor? If, after a few hundred words, someone or something isn’t working they can go away with just a click, either jettisoned into the trash bin or saved in a new file for another day or another tale.

And, I hit my thousand word goal before 11 a.m.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

26 thoughts on “An Unexpected Character”

    1. Yes! It’s crazy. I was writing about my main character walking from her motel room to the office and she passed by an SUV in the parking lot. First, I’m not sure why I put any vehicle in the parking lot, but since I did, it needed someone to drive it….

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      1. I LOVE it. Truly. It is crazy but it is the way to do this. I have aye said it is a funny thing but you put something in like this thinking…,why? And then much later you think.. That’s why… don’t I seem like a genius of creation???? I nearly wrote the heroine’s brother out in my last book. I could see no reason to keep him and I won’t keep someone unless there’s a reason …and then voila, out of the blue, I thought… thank god I kept him.

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      2. You know what if you are worried, save the book to where you are under a diff name , so you sill have that copy… Then work in copy you are working under under the name it has. I don’t think you will need to go back BTW, but if you do you have it saved to that moment still

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  1. That is quite awesome! My characters seem to find me in the shower! 😂😂😂. Some of my best story lines come while a stream of hot water is pounding on my back. I’ve started bringing my journal in the bathroom so I can write it all down as soon as I’m toweled off. If not, By the time I get to the family room to watch TV before bedtime, it’s gone. I’m close to being done with my first chapter.

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    1. Thank you. This silly thing I’m working on I started at least ten years ago. I ran into a road block and put it aside for many years. I started writing again in earnest while taking a writing class this semester through the Olli program at FSU. Even though COVID came along and ended the class mid-semester, the instructor inspired me to get the thing finished.


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