Desperate Times; Desperate Measures

My husband, Studly Doright, brought me a gift today.

He’s asked me to trim his hair. Me, the world’s greatest klutz. The woman who regularly makes a mess of her own bangs.

How about this?

I’m trying to convince him that he looks quite handsome with his current hairstyle. Dashing. Young. Hip. I’m not having much luck.

Keep us both in your thoughts. And, if I botch the haircut does anyone know a good divorce attorney?

Peace, people

Saturday Night Date

Studly Doright had an awful day yesterday (Friday). All day long he was on one conference call after another trying to make a bad situation better, soothing troubled waters, and solving problems. He’s good at all three. Finally toward the end of the day things calmed down and he could breathe easier.

We watched an episode of Ozark. Okay, we watched two episodes—the final episode of season two and the first of season three. The darned series is addictive.

On our way to bed last night Studly told me he’d take me out for dinner on Saturday. So now I’m wondering, will we eat at Kentucky Fried Chrysler 200 tonight or Pizza Hut Dodge Ram? Maybe we’ll go somewhere fancy, like Chez Lincoln Nautilus. Whichever he chooses, I cannot wait.

Peace, people!

What are you doing today?

On this Tuesday in quarantine I’ve discovered the long lost tv remote control that Studly Doright claimed he’d looked high and low for. It was in plain sight on the table next to his recliner. “Huh! What do you know?” he said.

In addition, I located a set of headphones that he swore he’d already searched for. These weren’t on top of the end table, but inside it. Again, he said, “Huh! What do you know?”

I’ve had my favorite Irish breakfast tea with a splash of almond milk and a bit of honey. Now, until a few weeks ago I’d have laughed at the idea of any kind of milk in my hot tea, but it’s quite good and for the rest of the morning I’ve spoken exclusively in an Irish accent. I’m better at Scottish accents, but as far as I can tell there’s no Scottish breakfast tea in the house. Maybe I should look on the table beside Studly’s chair.

I’ve worked on the novel a bit. I wrote a thousand words yesterday, but only 500 this morning. I’m having trouble getting my characters to shut up and move along. And I know I need less talk and more ambiance to flesh out the book.

For lunch I ordered takeout from Sweet Pea in Tallahassee. I worry about my favorite vegan place during this time. I tip extra every time I buy a meal there, but I know their business is probably slow right now. Be sure and support your local mom and pop businesses if you can.

My laundry is as caught up as it’s ever been. I do at least one load of towels every day on the “sanitize” settings, and that takes a considerable amount of time.

I tried to take a nap, but my brain won’t stop trying to solve the problem I’m having with the novel, so I picked up my phone and began writing this post. I wonder if the solution to my characters’ issues could be found on the table next to Studly’s chair? It’s worth taking a look, I guess.

Peace, people.

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