A Nice Wine Makes it Right

I want to be happier than I was yesterday, but not quite as happy as I’ll be tomorrow

Like that old saying I heard somewhere when I was much younger and had better retention

Only, it had more to do with love than happiness, and while the two are closely related

They can be mutually exclusive. I’ve been happy without being in love and in love without being happy

Damn. Is that as deep as I think it is, or is that just the Cabernet Sauvignon talking?

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

19 thoughts on “A Nice Wine Makes it Right”

      1. I tend to think I’m neither here nor there these days. As the great English poet, Billy Bragg once said, “One leap forwards, two leaps back, Will politics get me the sack? Here comes the future and you can’t run from it. If you’ve got a blacklist I want to be on it.” I think that rather sums up those, like you and I, who have a passion for all that should be cared for in a world where, seemingly, no one cares a jot…especially so the self-interested politicians. That aside, all is well!

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      2. Didn’t we think we were living in a better society? I certainly overestimated the intelligence of our fellow citizens. Trump may implode, but he’s likely to take my whole country down with him.

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      3. Back in the day I was a weekend hippie. We thought we could change the world. We failed. We grew up and made a bigger mess than before. Trump/Johnson individually or together can/will destroy their homelands. So irksome it hurts.

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  1. I’m currently neither so there’s that. 😐😉 But cab sav can and does do some magic on occasion! Except, when I gotta schlep kids to rinks. Day 4 of that tonight…ugh.

    You are do deep. 🙂

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