Now This Storm

All the night things were fooled by the glowering skies. In the hushed anticipation,

Frogs began their nightly chorus as crickets laid down a steady beat, echoing into

this false dusk, punctuated suddenly by stabs of frantic lightning, bombarded by the

rolling of a timpani, mallets on skin, presaging the arrival of a downpour, the

outpouring, the deluge. We hunker down, my cats and I, after a sharp crackle and

concussive reverberation. Too close for comfort. The lake creatures have gone mute,

given up on their futile choruses, now that the storm has come.

We had a lightning strike a couple of minutes ago that might have topped anything I’ve ever experienced. It was close, the thunder immediate, and my heart is racing. Wish I’d still had the camera going, but the audio would have needed censoring.

See that bare spot on my lawn? That’s still fallout from last year’s Hurricane Michael. And we’ve got a potential hurricane heading this way as I write this. I’m not ready for another storm season.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

25 thoughts on “Now This Storm”

  1. Leslie….stick to the prose and poetry….so much more entertaining ……I really don’t care about you shoe shopping or dining out…that is harsh but true…..this post is golden….and calls on you to be so much more creative, which I hope you enjoy….well done

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    1. Well, I have other readers who feel just the opposite. And I seldom know what’s going to come out of my brain and onto the page. I think I’d grow bored with writing only poetry, too.


      1. We don’t get as many belters paradoxically, despite being nearer the mouth of the river, than before , we were nearer the river in our last house and we used to get some belters. Times where the garden furniture flew everywhere like something out of the Wizard of Oz. It just needed the wicked withsc sitting in a chair to complete the pic. .

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      2. I’d never heard the term belter! Love that. We call them thunderstorms or thunder boomers. I think I might been up for the role of Wicked Witch yesterday.


      3. Well it means more than one thing too, but I guess all told it when used to describe a person or a thing, it means murder, or totally out the box. So there you go. A new word for you. I love the word boomer. Now too bad I don’t have these chairs or live in that house or you could have come and flown xxxxxxxx

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      1. We had another storm blow through today. It’s that time of year. They don’t last long—unless they’re a tropical storm or hurricane, but they are noisy and drop a lot of water.


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