Snapshot #212

I own a couple of pairs of Spanx. They’re great for containing, smoothing, and camouflaging parts of my body that aren’t all that firm anymore, like my waistline and my abdomen. I don’t wear them often, reserving them for special occasions. It’s not that I don’t want to look svelte all the time, it’s just that I live in the Sunshine State where more layers equal more discomfort.

So when I saw these new offerings from Spanx in a Tallahassee department store I did a double take:

Am I supposed to wear these with my tank tops?

I think I’ll call this, I Know I Need Them, but No Thanks, Spanx.

Peace, people (and seriously, I should cease wearing tank tops!)

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

23 thoughts on “Snapshot #212”

  1. So many things to say about this post.

    However, I will merely say that if I was going to judge you I would do it by the standard of your excellent blog. If you want to allow your arms to wobble as you type that is your right, and nothing to do with me, or your worth as a person.

    My wobbly upper arms are far from my wobbliest worry. If the world doesn’t like the way I look they can avert their eyes.

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  2. I’ve only just started wearing tank tops and other sleeveless tops in the past few years! My arms aren’t sculpted and firm (although, I maintain that, like my abdomen, there are some rock hard muscles, they’re just going “under cover”), but it’s so much more comfortable in the summer!

    It was probably in my early teens that I stopped showing my arms. Too flabby.

    Well, decades of seeing old white guys proudly displaying their bellies in public has changed my mind. My arms are just damned fine, and so are yours, sister!

    Spanx for arms. Bah!

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