Minimalist Challenge Day 2

Today I have to rid myself of two items in keeping with the rules of the minimalist challenge group I’ve joined on Facebook. Yesterday I had planned to take a green bath rug that didn’t match anything I owned and hadn’t been used in years to a charity run thrift shop, but someone in the group said she needed the rug, so I’m sending it to her.

For today I’m cleansing my home of this container of unsharpened colored pencils and a random piece of purple gingham fabric. I bought the pencils a couple of years ago unaware that they weren’t pre-sharpened. I don’t own a sharpener and don’t plan on buying one. Okay, that makes me an idiot, I know. As for the fabric, I have absolutely no idea why it was in my arts and crafts supply box. Aliens? The GOP? Who knows?

Technically I suppose I could count the pencils individually and use them later in the challenge, say, on the 48th day of February (!) or so. But they were sold as a set and thus count as one item.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

13 thoughts on “Minimalist Challenge Day 2”

    1. 😜 someone on the group chided me for not counting them individually, saying that I could’ve used them for one of the last days of the month. She has no idea if the amount of stuff I have lying about. It’s not going to be an issue.

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    1. Here’s how I’m viewing this—if it’s something I’d throw away anyway (the used teabag) it wouldn’t count, but I save corks, for some future craft that I will NEVER do, so tossing it would count towards my goal

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      1. To complicated for me missy. I wouldn’t throw away the used tea bag because it became part of my counter and was camouflaged with the other junk on my counter. Then a dog would steal it and eat it. I wouldn’t throw away the cork because I might need it some day but then a dog would steal it and eat it. I would pick up the dog poop and throw that away but according to your criteria it doesn’t count because I don’t save dog poop for anything. Dang.

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  1. Ha! My first thought: wait, you could count each pencil… quickly followed by: I’LL TAKE THE PENCILS! i HAVE A SHARPENER! Third thought: I wonder what that I would do with that cute fabric.

    Perfect thought process for someone who is far from home and has to load everything into the back of a teeny car. Not a natural minimalist.

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