March Minimalist Challenge: Whatever Happened to Days 28, 29, 30, and 31?

I have a conscience. That probably comes as a surprise to some of my readers, but it’s true. I’ve dropped the ball many times in my life. Often it was because I was afraid my efforts wouldn’t be worthy, other times it was because I once was a world class procrastinator and would fall so far behind in a task that catching up seemed an impossibility. So I didn’t even try.

Often, it was a combination of both, like the year I was in charge of putting together a scrapbook for the president of our women’s group. I became paralyzed by a lack of creativity, a failure to organize, and I never got it done. I’m still embarrassed and ashamed of myself for letting that group down. I’m not proud of my failings. If I could go back in time I’d put together that damned scrapbook, but all I can do going forward is to be a better person.

So when I found myself struggling to keep up with the March Minimalist Challenge, in part due to Studly’s medical issues and my trip to Illinois, I promised myself I’d finish as soon as possible. Day after day I made excuses for myself. After all, it was only a promise to myself. No one else would really care. But, a promise is a promise. And I’m not the same person I was 35 years ago.

On Thursday I kept my promise. I reorganized the cabinets and drawers in all of our bathrooms at Doright Manor and came up with way more than the 118 items needed to satisfy the challenge for days 28, 29, 30, and 31. Inside one pill bottle alone there were 89 pills (I had taken one of the 90 prescribed and suffered terrible side effects).

It’s not an artistic display, and I didn’t try to add alliteration to the post, but by gum, I finished the challenge. I don’t guess the former president of my old club would like a scrapbook filled with my minimalist challenge photos. Definitely not.

Peace, people.

March Minimalist Challenge, Day 27

Today I’m performing a panty purge. A pile of 27 panties for your perusal, plucked from the pleasantly perfumed place reserved for some pretty, but mostly plain, underpants. Perhaps I should keep the pink pairs? Nope. They won’t stay put on my patootie.

Bon voyage, my pretties. Rest in peace.

Speaking of peace, practice it, people.

March Minimalist Challenge, Day 26

On day 26 of March I give you a gathering of glassware, for the most part, along with your garden variety magazine and a great big package of Jamaican coffee, long expired, never opened. The glassware is going to Goodwill, in the box provided above, while the remainder will be graduating to either recycling or the garbage bin. Goodbye.

Peace, people!

March Minimalist Challenge, Day 25

I only offer odds and ends, a few of which I’d be hard pressed to identify on this 25th day of the minimalist challenge:

In actuality, I’m offering items in addition to the required 25, for inside the clear cellophane packages are plastic cutlery and a couple of condiments encased in paper.

One of my kitchen drawers is close to being clutter-free! “Just the Necessities” is becoming my motto. Well, that, and “Enjoy Dessert.”

Peace, people!

March Minimalist Challenge, Day 24

What have we here? Merely a heaping handful and a half of hardware. Hardly worth giving the old heave ho; however, when the whim hits, handle it.

I had to get Studly’s okay to toss these items. He was full of “what ifs” and such nonsense. In the end, I had my way.

Peace, people.

March Minimalist Challenge, Day 23

What does one call a group of corks? A clutter, of course. So, on day 23 of the March Minimalist Challenge I finally confiscated the last clutter of corks from the kitchen cabinet.

The corks weren’t all that cooperative as I crafted the collection into a semblance of the number 23. They clumped, collided, and clustered as I cussed and calculated the conundrum. Success coincided with my lack of continued concern. Let’s pop the cork on a new container. Cheers!

Peace, people!

March Minimalist Challenge, Day 22

Just jolly junk juxtaposed with less jolly junk for day 22 of the March Minimalist Challenge. I was briefly tempted to hold onto the bunny necklace until after Easter, but thought better of it. Was I actually going to wear a bunny necklace that might’ve been a prize from a child’s Happy Meal?

Can you picture my 61-year-old self strutting down the street with this baby dangling from around my neck?

Neither can I. He looks as if he’s plotting some evil deed. As for me, I’ll wear only happy bunnies or no bunnies at all. Feel’s great to take a stand.

Peace, people!

March Minimalist Challenge, Day 21 (A Day Late)

Feeling a bit like the white rabbit in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I’m trying to make up for lost time today. My recent trip to Illinois, a head cold, and a bit of back pain have me all out of sorts and behind in my endeavors.

I’ll try my best to catch up today, but I’m making no promises.

For the 21st day of the Minimalist Challenge I unearthed eleven assorted publications and ten worthy wine corks.

I’d write something witty, but my nose is stuffy and everyone knows the nose is the nexus of creativity.

Peace, people!

March Minimalist Challenge, Day 16

I’m still in Illinois; however, I wrote this before I left home. I imagine I’m cold up here in the land of Lincoln. I also imagine I’m having a great time with the grandkids and my daughter. Maybe, though, they’ve locked me in the basement and haven’t fed me in the past four days. Hey, I might’ve deserved it. I can be pretty cheeky.

Before I left Doright Manor I cleaned out the refrigerator, and these items were among the treasures I discovered: Various selections of sodas and juices, soups, and sauces, along with sample sizes of Swiss cheeses and additional sweet and savory surprises. So far, so good, and so long!

Peace, people!