The Vagina of the Future

I had my second of three Mona Lisa treatments on Wednesday afternoon. If you need to know what that entails read this post:

The first treatment went really well, and the discomfort was minimal. And while the second treatment was more intense it wasn’t any worse than having my eyebrows waxed. Of course, I have only two eyebrows, and the Mona Lisa laser makes multiple forays into my vaginal area. I might’ve said, “ouch!” but didn’t curse even once. 

My gynecologist is the bomb. Before he started the treatment he noticed my Kindle and asked what I was reading, so I gave him a brief synopsis of Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel, 2312. Turns out my doctor is a sci-fi fan, as well; although, he’s old school: Heinlein, Bradbury, etc. 

While he switched equipment around I told him about John Scalzi’s, Old Man’s War series. In it, septuagenarians can sign up to go into space where they fight for a confederation of planets. The old warriors are given brand new, highly efficient bodies, while maintaining the wisdom they’ve accumulated in their seven decades of life.

Before the doctor left me he said, “You know, we’re doing science fiction type work in this room.”

I agreed, “Yep! Thanks for giving this old broad a vagina for the future!”

“To infinity and beyond!” 

Did I mention that he’s the bomb?

Peace, people!

Note: We are very pleased with the results of the Mona Lisa treatment! 

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

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