14 thoughts on “Snapshot #88”

      1. If the truth be told my mother was under the impression I might die from an overload of earwax! 100% true. She also kept my knife, fork and spoon (all silver despite their poorness) separately from the rest of the cutlery and (100% true) for fear of passing on her germs to me never once cuddled/kissed me etc. And people wonder why I’m a weirdo – in a good way, I stress!

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      2. Oh! That breaks my heart. You’re amazingly sane. Makes you wonder about the whole nature/nurture argument. Of course you were loved, though–she cared about your well being even if it meant not being a cuddly mom.

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      3. You would be amazed the things that woman did to keep her only child immortal. Let me just say my teenage /early twenties were a rather difficult time as I presumed that human beings didn’t touch each other!

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