Judgement Day

Today is judgement day, as was yesterday, and the day before. Tomorrow will hold 

The same status. For those who claim a day of reckoning to be lurking around the 

Corner, I cry, Indeed! Both the corner facing us and the one ’round which we’ve strolled

Already. We face our God each sunrise and answer for our sins. We are sorted by our

Love or lack thereof, by our compassion and generosity. That book of life I reckon

Lists not the rolls of church membership, but the names of those who stand with the

Downtrodden, the marginalized, those who are shunned by the establishment.

Tell me to get right with Jesus, and I’ll ask who you’ve fed today. Tell me I’m bound

For hell, and I’ll plan a party for us both. I hear marshmallows toast well down there.

Paradise, the last panel of Fra Angelico’s tryptic, “Judgement”

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

4 thoughts on “Judgement Day”

    1. Thank you! I’d posted something on Facebook the other day and one of my evangelical friends gave me sermon about having to face my sins come judgement day. I guess she inspired this piece. I’d thank her, but she’s since unfriended me.

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