Lightning Strikes

We’ve had some incredible thunderstorms move through our area this past week, but tonight’s was over the top. It made me so thankful to have a roof over my head. 

Of course it also scared the crap out of our younger cat, Patches who scurries for cover at the first rumble. Our big girl, Scout, isn’t bothered by thunder. She and I enjoy snuggling together during storms.

And then there’s this….
Peace, people.


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Dear Elizabeth,

Forgive the intrusion of this long overdue letter.  How many years has it been? Fifteen at least I’m guessing and not a word exchanged twixt the pair of us in all that time! How very young and foolish we were to allow that little incident of the wretched jelly fish sting in St Topez to come between us. Naive as I was back then how was I to know that pouring a 10 litre bucket of balsamic vinegar over your infected torso was no ‘cure all’, indeed was an old wives’ tale and would cause you so much additional agony.  On reflection maybe it would have been better had you kept your bikini top on when you went swimming!  I do trust those scars eventually healed though. Still what is done is done. Plainly I should not have posted the snaps I took of you at the time…

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Why I Can’t Be Silent About #CorneredInOttawa

Everyone should read this. Every woman I know, including myself, has stories like these. It’s bullying, plain and simple. Read more at

Katherine Toms


When I heard about Luke Howard harassing and secretly video taping women in Ottawa, and the Twitter response on #CorneredInOttawa, I had to jump in.

“Pickup artist” videos are all over YouTube and easy to find. Most are sad attempts by men to out-peacock each other and dominate as many female victims as possible to prove how much of a “player” they are. Like Luke Howard, they often use the excuse that it’s to help teach guys how to get over social anxiety. They secretly film women, try to get their phone numbers, and try to “score” as much physical contact as they can by whatever means necessary including coercion and harassment. They call it things like “Day Game” and brag about doing these things “in broad daylight.”

I was never approached by Luke Howard, but I can relate to what being harassed and intimidated feels like. And…

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From One to One of Many

Beautiful!

Red's Wrap

photo (9)

I watch from afar. A grandmother does that.

But as I watch, I remember the formation of my own family. I remember when my own daughter went from being one to one of many. She was graceful and helpful about it but looking back I can remember her fatigue with the new job of sharing everything that had previously just been hers. Like me.

One of my granddaughters is taking a crash course in going from one to one of many. Her father is with a wonderful and kind woman who has two children. So suddenly my granddaughter’s weekends have stopped being singular and focused on her, a child orchid blooming with many admirers. Now she is one of many, other children like other things, want to be awake when she is sleeping, inside when she yearns for the playground.

Everything in her life, her weekend life anyway, has to…

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Kitten Cuddler Update

I have good news and bad news about my bid to become a Kitten Cuddler at the county animal services center.

Good news: I did not babble too much during the interview and have been offered an opportunity to volunteer at the shelter.

Bad news: I know it will come as a shock to my readers, but I am not qualified to be a Kitten Cuddler. Kitten Cuddling is a Level 2 volunteer position, and I must first attend an orientation and log 20 hours as a Level 1 volunteer. 

The bad news isn’t terrible; in fact, it’s wonderful news, but “good news/wonderful news” doesn’t carry the weight of “good news/bad news.”

I’ll still be working with felines, learning the routines, feeding cats and kittens, and cleaning cages. I am beyond excited. The next orientation is scheduled for an evening during the first week of August, and I can’t wait!

Thanks for all of the positive vibes sent my way. I’m sure that’s what kept me from sharing embarrassing details from my youth.

Peace, people!

No One Spoke

Absolutely perfect! Please


Friends and I enjoyed sun, sand, and surf with other beachgoers on a recent Saturday. Sitting slathered in sticky sunscreen beneath our umbrellas, we pointlessly brushed sand from our legs as we discussed evening plans. The seagulls overhead laughed louder than the swimmers splashing in nearby waves while those of us on the beach napped, read, or simply watched people. My friends discussed how relaxing it was and how nice it would be to sleep late the next morning.

Sleep late? I mentioned to them that we only get so many sunrises in a lifetime. Shouldn’t we get up to look at a few?

They stared blankly for a second then shook their heads in unison. No.

In the wee hours of the next morning, alone in the dark, I started the short walk from house to beach guided only by dim lights above the boardwalk. It was eerily quiet at…

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Congressional Correspondence

I try to keep my blog free of political topics; although, occasionally I get a bee in my bonnet and have to let the darned thing out before it stings my delicate pate. And truly, this isn’t a political post as much as it is an observational one.

The age of electronic communication is still amazing. I remember purchasing air mail stamps so that correspondence might reach its intended destination in a couple of days rather than a week. 

When I email my congressional representatives these days I receive an almost immediate response. Granted, it’s a form letter, but at least I know that someone in his/her office noted that a constituent felt strongly enough about an issue to make public their stand.

I seriously doubt that Senator Rubio will heed my plea, whatever it might have been. I haven’t the money or the political pull to sway his thinking. That’s the cynic in me. However, the eternally optimistic side of my brain thinks, maybe, just maybe, he’ll read my words and a lightbulb will appear over his head, or he’ll be moved to tears by my story and say, 

“Yes! I don’t need the support of powerful corporations and their money anymore! I don’t need to be beholden to the far right. I’m going to seriously consider the words of Nana Noyz!”

And pigs shall fly.

Peace, people!

Tears as Prayer

i pray,
Father, forgive me for my sins.
i pray,
Father, thank you for these blessings.
i pray,
Father, let me be my best self today.
i pray,
Father, please protect the ones i love.
i pray,
Father, guide us through these times.
i pray,
Father, my words are inadequate.
i pray,
Father, my tears will say what i cannot.
i pray,
Father, I ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ, your son.


Kitten Cuddler

My weekdays have become boringly predictable:

Rise, eat, blog, cruise Facebook, send a positive message to President Obama on Twitter, eat, do some chores, blog, cruise Facebook, check email, help Studly Doright build stuff in his new shop, eat, watch Ray Donovan or True Detective while enjoying a glass of wine, read in bed, try to sleep, have a hot flash, get up, change p.j.s, go back to bed, sleep, repeat.

Hopefully tomorrow my life will change. I have an interview at the Animal Services Center in Tallahassee to become, wait for it, a volunteer Kitten Cuddler! I have mad skills in this area, and I hope the volunteer coordinator recognizes this.

Often during interviews I provide way too much information. The question, “could you tell us a little about yourself?” often begins innocently enough with me giving my work experience and somewhere towards the end with a recounting of my first sexual experience. Awkward!

It’s as if my mouth and brain are waging a battle and my mouth has the upper hand. My brain begins saying, “Shut up! Just shut the hell up!” While my mouth keeps spewing my life’s history.

Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow. And if you’ve got any skill in telekinesis, please put a seal on my lips.

Peace, people.