The Donald

One of the biggest blowhards imaginable has tossed his hat into the ever-growing ring of Republican presidential candidates. Currently, in spite of rhetoric that indicates he is clueless about key social issues, he’s trending second in the polls. Sheesh. 

If he wins the nomination

Couldn’t resist this meme. 

Peace, people!

A Celebration of Beer

Every now and then I feel the need to celebrate the humble beer. My first beer was an ice cold Schlitz. It was awful. I might have been 16 at the time and decided I could live quite nicely without ever having another sip of that foul stuff.

Later in life (18) I decided beer wasn’t that awful. After all, I was a poor college kid and all the other poor college kids were drinking it. Brand didn’t matter back then; I drank whatever was available.

For many years I was a Coors Lite drinker. I just thought all beer tasted that way. Then someone introduced me to Shiner. Oh my! Before long I was drinking all sorts of beers and discovering a world of different textures and flavors.

I’m still a wine girl, but sometimes this wine girl likes a really good beer.


A Special Gift

  For a combination Mother’s/Father’s Day gift our daughter had this made for Studly and me. It’s a beautiful reminder of all we’ve been through and of just how far we’ve come.

The border lists all the places we’ve lived in our marriage. In the lower right hand corner the names of our children and grandchildren are written. All around our names are our interests and Studly’s famous sayings, “Don’t say whoa in a mud hole,” “Second Sucks,” and “Can’t never could.” 

The “Really, Really” is how Studly signs his cards to me. He’s been doing so since before we married. The one time he forgot I thought he wanted to leave me. 

Notice the cow in the upper right hand corner. That represents Salem Sue, the huge Holstein that adorns a hill outside New Salem, North Dakota, where we lived for 18 months. The town, not the hill; although, I always told people we lived behind the left udder.

The remainder of the picture contains little bits of our lives, our hobbies and activities. Studly golfs. I drink wine. We both follow the Dallas Cowboys and ride motorcycles. Oh, and we both look like idiots trying to climb out of our kayak.

When I get old, this will be my touchstone, my connection to our past. What a wonderful gift!

Serious Man at Barnes and Noble

it’s easy to spot
the serious gentleman
he’s notating joyce.

a pen in one hand
he scribbles in the margins
frowning all the while.


James Joyce’s handwriting
can he not see that
frowning creases his forehead?
oh, i suppose not.


He smiled
I ducked my head.
he spoke
i can’t remember
what he said.
it was probably
just hello or
maybe a simple hi.
whatever it was
opened up a whole
new world in the
blink of an eye.
love starts that way,
you know
when you least
expect it.
it’s real all the
same and sometimes
lasts forever.


Last night my voice began to wane. Try as I might I couldn’t manage much more than a croak. Once in bed I turned to Studly Doright and whispered, “I don’t get it! Why am I losing my voice?”

Without missing a beat he responded, “Maybe because my wish came true?”

Very funny Studly.