Cats for Valentine’s Day

February 14 is this Sunday. You know what that means? Love is in the air, all around, just waiting to be celebrated.

What’s that? You say you don’t have someone to love? Well have we got a deal for you!

This weekend at Tallahassee Animal Services fees are waived on all animal adoptions. That means you could have a Valentine this Valentine’s Day and every day for many years to come. Without the calories of a box of chocolates! 

Here are some of our beautiful, available cats. 

 Love can be yours. 

Remember, adopt, don’t shop!

Peace, people!

A Cat Named Miriam

Miriam and I hung out together in the feline playroom at Tallahassee Animal Services this afternoon. She would definitely be a contender for the Miss Congeniality award at any pageant. 

At six months of age, she’s still a kitten–playful and precocious, but with a sweet intelligence that is hard to resist. Her markings are gorgeous–very exotic.

Miriam is available for adoption and would make a terrific addition to any home. 

I also played with Avocado, one of the great dogs available at TAS. 

From the shelter website: “Avocado (aka “Avie”) is a purebred mutt, most notably showing characteristics of a boxer and black mouth cur (but smaller than both). She is about 2 years old and 45lbs. She came into the shelter as a stray (her owner was never found). 

She has been in fostercare for about a month where she recovered from a severe case of noncontagious mange, a skin infection and an ear infection. Avocado has responded great to treatment and is now available for adoption! 

She was virtually hairless and appears to be growing in reddish color with a black mask. Her hair is similar to a Lab’s. 

Avocado is an active, social girl who enjoys playing with toys (she loves playing with them more than most!) and doggie friends. 

She is housebroken, crate trained and alert barks when someone comes to the door. She does well with cats and doesn’t show interest in birds. Avocado travels well in the car and walks ok on leash. 

She knows “sit,” “down” and “crate” most days but would definitely benefit from obedience classes. She enjoys going for walks and is respectful of fences (doesn’t jump over a 4 ft fence or try to dig under). 

She has been around small kids and does fine with them. If you are looking for a medium sized dog that is active, smart and social but has a remarkable sense of humor, Avocado could be just the fit! Sweet and affectionate this girl is sure to delight any family! Avocado is spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm negative and microchipped.”

Come check out the wonderful companions available for adoption at Tallahassee Animal Services, and remember,


Peace, people!

Please, Please Adopt, Don’t Shop

In my experience there are few creatures more deserving of our love than those who have been surrendered to an animal shelter by their owners. I can only imagine what this beautiful cat, Stella, is feeling on her first night alone at Tallahassee Animal Services, having been brought in just this afternoon by her humans.

She’s scared, nervous, and confused. I tried to coax her into letting me love on  her, but she seemed to say, “They’ll be back for me. I know they’ll be back.” I’m not ashamed to say I cried.

Then there was this big, goofy guy, Anthony. Look at those exquisite markings! Anthony and his sibling Mark came into the shelter as strays on the 23rd of December, but they’ve clearly been someone’s pets.   
They’re the funniest cats I’ve ever met. Plus they’re loving and eager to be petted. 

There weren’t a great many cats at TAS this afternoon. But even one is too many when there are loving homes out there.

I spent a bit of time this afternoon over on the canine side playing with a dog named Beau. He’s been at the shelter for almost two months.

It took Beau several minutes to warm up to me, but once he did he followed me around like a puppy. I fell in love with Beau. Please if you’re looking to adopt a dog consider this handsome boy. Here’s his résumé:

“I am a neutered male, Treeing Walker Coonhound mix. The shelter staff think I am 7 years old. I have been at the shelter since November 18, 2015. I am available for adoption now!”

Remember, adopt, don’t shop. Visit where you can view these guys and more on our virtual kennel.

Peace, people.

Louie, Louie!

This big boy is the sweetest cat at Tallahassee Animal Services. His name is Louie and his paws are the size of dinner rolls.

Louie has been at TAS since 11/28/2015. He is FIV positive, but still has so much love to give. 

And if you’d prefer a female, Sigourney is super affectionate. She has been at TAS since the 8th of November.

 And then there’s Winston, a two month old kitten who melts everyone’s heart except for that of his brother, Blaze. 

Come find your best friend at Tallahassee Animal Services this weekend! Fees on all adoptions have been waived for this Saturday and Sunday for a special, May the Fur Be With You event.


Remember, don’t shop, ADOPT!

Peace, people!

Down and Dirty

The hours I spend at Tallahassee Animal Services as a volunteer are the among the best of my week. Only surprise calls from my grandchildren can top being with the cats and kittens at the shelter.

Each week has its pleasures: cuddling a sweet kitty and feeling it purr against my chest, enticing a morose cat from her perch at the back of a kennel to come closer for a behind-the-ear scratching, watching a hopeful feline leave with his new family. 

But each week has its little messes, too. This past Wednesday I spent some time doing laundry and putting it away. The shelter goes through countless loads of dirty towels, blankets, and cloth toys. Soiled items are placed in an oversized trash bin. 

I grabbed an armful of laundry this week and was rewarded with the icky wet smell and feel that only dog pee can produce. And now I had that smell, too. All over my tee shirt. 

Having successfully loaded the washer I stooped to pick up a substantial piece of fuzz from the floor and realized just in time that it wasn’t fuzz, it was poo. Stinky, relatively new, poo. All in an afternoon’s work. 

Here are just a few of the animals available for loving adoption at Tallahassee Animal Services. Remember, “Don’t Shop, Adopt!”




Peace, people!

Kitten Cuddling

I missed my last two sessions of kitten cuddling at Tallahassee Animal Services due to our Texas vacation. I was a little concerned that I’d lost my ability to cuddle kittens, but my fears were ungrounded. Kitten cuddling might be my true calling. Studly Doright wishes it was a more lucrative calling; I maintain that happy kittens are reward enough.

This past weekend there was a big adoption event at the shelter, so there were only ten or so kittens available. Once I changed out all the litter boxes and made sure all the felines had fresh food there was plenty of time to play with cats.

This kitten is approximately 4 months old. Her hobbies are purring and snuggling with available humans. The shelter staff named her Sasha Fierce, but I think she should be ‘Stache:

Summer, pictured below, is a demure little lady. She is extremely gentle and has a classy attitude.  
Franco, is fond of being petted. One might say he is addicted to love. 

Go check out the online kennel at And remember, don’t shop, ADOPT!

Peace, people!

Tiny Kitten Third and Final Update

Cake, the tiny kitten I helped rescue from a Tallahassee storm drain, wasn’t in the feral hold room at Tallahassee Animal Services when I checked in for my volunteer stint yesterday afternoon. I have to admit my heart was sinking as I pondered the possibilities. 

She was so small and weak, and having lived in a storm drain her entire three or four weeks of life, might have contracted a disease. 

I couldn’t locate a veterinarian right away, so I hurried back to the cat kennels to assist potential adopters and to take care of the resident cats, but Cake was very much on my mind.

I couldn’t help but notice that there are a couple of adult cats who have been at TAS since I started volunteering there almost two months ago:

Nancy is a sweetheart. She’s calm and gentle and would be a terrific family pet. The staff estimates her age at 7 years, making her eligible for the reduced senior adoption fee.


Nancy–notice her Harry Potter-ish lightning bolt.

Another handsome adult cat is Goldie.  He loves attention and is a playful guy. Goldie is only one year old, but he’s a big boy who needs a home to run around in for exercise! 
Goldie is an attention getter.
After I’d had an opportunity to do some actual work I went in search of a vet. Fortunately I soon came across a young man who’s been really helpful in the past and asked him if he’d seen the little mostly black kitten that had been brought in on Tuesday, and if so did he know its fate.

To my immense relief he said that the kitten checked out and was in surprisingly good shape considering her shaky start in life. He said she was now at the Humane Society where she’d be available to adopt as soon as she gained some weight. 

I might’ve blubbered something like, “thank you, thank you!” before heading back to the kennels. 

Remember folks, adopt, don’t shop! There are so many adoptable pets who would welcome the chance to join your family.

Peace, people!


Tiny Kitten Second Update

Sweet rescue kitten Cake and I drove across Tallahassee this morning to find her a safe haven. First we headed to the Humane Society where Cake was a big hit and everyone had to come oooh and ahhhh over her. 

Because she was feral and so tiny they recommended I take her to Tallahassee Animal Services to be checked over. If they couldn’t keep her there the Humane Society would pick her up this afternoon after the veterinary staff at TAS had a look at her. 

My hope is that since TAS doesn’t have many kittens at this time that they’ll keep her in spite of her age. They normally don’t take in lone animals less than six weeks of age, and Cake appears to be between three and four weeks old. If TAS keeps her I can check up on her when I volunteer tomorrow afternoon. 

I left Cake with the blanket she’d been swaddled in as well as with a fuzzy toy she had cuddled with through the night. Her bright little eyes watched me with great interest as I kissed her goodbye. I should have called her Heartbreaker instead of Cake. Dammit.

Tiny Kitten 

I was out and about enjoying my birthday, shopping and using my birthday coupons–Chico’s, Ulta, Sephora–all the good places, when I came across a young woman looking as though she’d fallen on the sidewalk. I hurried over to see if she needed help. She did, but not the kind I’d imagined. 

She was on her stomach peering over the edge of the sidewalk and risking decapitation every time a car sped by because she’d found a tiny kitten venturing into traffic, and subsequently discovered its siblings living in a storm drain.


Other passerby stopped to help. We rounded up a large box from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and a blanket from my car. I walked over to PetSmart and got some kitten milk and a bowl. The brave little kitten came to us immediately, and we put him in the box, but the other four were cowering as far away as possible.

One member of our group called the animal shelter. They promised to dispatch an animal control officer, but said it might take awhile. I assured everyone that I’d stay until someone came to pick up our little guy, and that if no one showed up I’d take him home for the night.

Reluctantly everyone went their separate ways, having classes or jobs awaiting them, and I was left babysitting the kitten in the box and watching for one of the others to make an appearance.

A number of folks stopped to visit and to coo at the kitten, who by this time I’d dubbed Alex. I figured that would work for either a boy or a girl. But after an hour, no one from the shelter came to our aid.

I was just about to pack Alex into my car when a young woman came down my way and fell in love with Alex. She wanted him/her, but had to get her brother’s approval. After a quick call to him and an ok, she prepared to take Alex home–on the bus! I squelched that pretty quickly and told her I’d give her a ride home. I was relieved that I wouldn’t need to care for a kitten.

However, while we were standing there gathering up Alex and his meager possessions someone (yes, me) kicked the kitten milk over and another of the tiny kittens was lapping it up and inching our way. So intent was this little one on the trail of milk that I scooped him up and had him in the box before he could even mew. Yep, it looked like I was going to have an overnight guest after all.

This one appears to be the runt of the litter. She’s completely black and so hungry. I’ve got her snuggled down in the box with a blanket and kitten milk. I am not keeping her, but since I found her on my birthday, I’m naming her Cake. 



Please wish us success tonight. She is very weak. 

Peace, People! 

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