Foul Weather Friends

Get ready to say “awwwww!”

Match, a chihuahua, is the elder statespet of my daughter, Ashley’s, home having been adopted several years ago. When the family added another adoptee, Snuggles, a couple of weeks ago, Match wasn’t all that thrilled.

Snuggles, a pastel calico, tried to make friendly overtures towards her canine sibling, but Match was having nothing to do with her. Of course sometimes Snuggles’s efforts at forming a friendship were a bit aggressive–the dog’s wagging tail was just too intriguing to resist attacking.

But last night as a thunderstorm passed through their area, my daughter snapped two pictures that melted my heart. Poor Match was frightened by the storm, and Snuggles came to his rescue:

Ashley said Snuggles calmed and comforted Match during the storm. Maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or maybe the two will only be foul weather friends. Regardless, this made me smile.

Peace, people and pets.

Please, Please Adopt, Don’t Shop

In my experience there are few creatures more deserving of our love than those who have been surrendered to an animal shelter by their owners. I can only imagine what this beautiful cat, Stella, is feeling on her first night alone at Tallahassee Animal Services, having been brought in just this afternoon by her humans.

She’s scared, nervous, and confused. I tried to coax her into letting me love on  her, but she seemed to say, “They’ll be back for me. I know they’ll be back.” I’m not ashamed to say I cried.

Then there was this big, goofy guy, Anthony. Look at those exquisite markings! Anthony and his sibling Mark came into the shelter as strays on the 23rd of December, but they’ve clearly been someone’s pets.   
They’re the funniest cats I’ve ever met. Plus they’re loving and eager to be petted. 

There weren’t a great many cats at TAS this afternoon. But even one is too many when there are loving homes out there.

I spent a bit of time this afternoon over on the canine side playing with a dog named Beau. He’s been at the shelter for almost two months.

It took Beau several minutes to warm up to me, but once he did he followed me around like a puppy. I fell in love with Beau. Please if you’re looking to adopt a dog consider this handsome boy. Here’s his résumé:

“I am a neutered male, Treeing Walker Coonhound mix. The shelter staff think I am 7 years old. I have been at the shelter since November 18, 2015. I am available for adoption now!”

Remember, adopt, don’t shop. Visit where you can view these guys and more on our virtual kennel.

Peace, people.

Tiny Kitten Second Update

Sweet rescue kitten Cake and I drove across Tallahassee this morning to find her a safe haven. First we headed to the Humane Society where Cake was a big hit and everyone had to come oooh and ahhhh over her. 

Because she was feral and so tiny they recommended I take her to Tallahassee Animal Services to be checked over. If they couldn’t keep her there the Humane Society would pick her up this afternoon after the veterinary staff at TAS had a look at her. 

My hope is that since TAS doesn’t have many kittens at this time that they’ll keep her in spite of her age. They normally don’t take in lone animals less than six weeks of age, and Cake appears to be between three and four weeks old. If TAS keeps her I can check up on her when I volunteer tomorrow afternoon. 

I left Cake with the blanket she’d been swaddled in as well as with a fuzzy toy she had cuddled with through the night. Her bright little eyes watched me with great interest as I kissed her goodbye. I should have called her Heartbreaker instead of Cake. Dammit.

Cat Scratch Fever

I had my first bonafide injury as a kennel assistant this past week when a reluctant-to-be-held kitten sunk her sharp little claws into the skin on my chest. 

The kitten was way cuter than Ted Nugent, and is much more politically savvy than the aging has-been rocker, so of course I forgave her. 

The incident with the kitten does indicate that I have not quite reached the coveted level of kitten cuddler. Kitten cuddlers are well versed in proper handling techniques.

And there’s more to the job than this photo ^^^ would have us believe.

Still, I am wearing my scratches as part reminder/part badge of honor: I came, I cuddled, I was clawed. There is no honor without sacrifice, and stuff like that.


C’mon folks! Adopt, don’t shop!