The Right Side of the Force

I just bought a new white helmet to go with my new white bike. Matching is extremely important to me.

But the more I look at this stark white helmet, the more I feel like I’m ready to play a stormtrooper.

Straight out of the Star Wars universe. But, I’m one of the good girls, right?

May the Force, and peace, be with you.

From my personal collection.

Feeling Nerdy

I stopped in at Fallout Comics in Tallahassee today where they were celebrating “free comic book day” by giving away, you guessed it, free comic books!

Many of my fondest memories revolve around comic books: Tales from the Crypt, Archie, Richie Rich, Superman, and Fantastic Four, among others, and it was fun to see several generations of fellow nerds browsing through the stacks in the store, often in family groups. 

Comic book stores have evolved considerably since my day, though. Now the graphic novel and role-play games make up a large portion of the inventory. 

Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?

After finding the droid I was looking for (above) I headed to the back of the store to visit with a group of local artists who were busy promoting their own projects. One young man’s work stood out from the crowd, so I pledged a bit of money to his Kickstarter campaign. His name is Daniel Hooker, and his work is outstanding.

While I was figuring out the Kickstarter process Daniel sketched a picture of one of my favorite comic book characters from the expanded Star Wars Universe just for me.:


Mara Jade

 If you’re interested in learning more about Daniel’s project go to Kickstarter and search Line of Ruin. I believe you’ll be impressed.
And if you haven’t read a comic book since you abandoned your teen years, it’s high time to renew your acquaintance. 

Peace, people.

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